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  1. What`s yours favorite VST ?

    Definitely Stylus RMX, and Absynth. Can't live without either. QuadraSID is fun too.
  2. Trent Reznor is teasing me...

    If you need something to tide you over, you could always download the new Saul Williams record he did- it's awesome.
  3. Duke Nukem Forever teaser up on Youtube

    So I guess we can expect it to be ported over to the Mac by third quarter, 2032?
  4. good microphone?

    Hands down, the best bang for your buck is to get an Apex 460 and make a small modification yourself- it's pretty straight forward. The Apex 460 is a tube condenser- and a relativel y inexpensive one at that. But if you open it up and replace the tube inside with a Groovetube (it's just a matter of unplugging the one that's there, and plugging in the new one), it sounds fantastic on vocals. I've used this on projects where we've had access to mics much more expensive than this (U87's and such), and we've ended up using this. Probably on par with the Rode mics too, in terms of cost. I also have a Rode NT-2000, though in comparison it sounds a little more abrasive. Hope that helps!
  5. Just a Few MacBook Nano Images...

    MacBook Nano looks great, but at 2000 dollars with no optical drive, I'm not really convince they're going to win anyone over.
  6. Loss of Time

    I tried this, and I can vouch that it works. Hopefully there's an official fix for this in the near future.