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  1. AppleHDA in 10.6.5 is changed..front mic does not work anymore (I'm using a legacyhda made by me). Does someone know how to fix it?
  2. Do someone knows what may cause this kernel panic? It happens completely random even twice a day. I'm using the latest anv 10.6.4 legacy kernel (but it was happening even with the previous versions). Here's my pc specs: Pentium D820 Motherboard: MSI p4m890m Snow Leopard 10.6.4 running 32bit with everything working through DSDT Thank you
  3. Thank you, I'm using the latest release now. I will report about the kernel panic.
  4. Do someone knows how can I get rid of this kernel panic? It happens completely random every 7-10 days more or less. I'm using 10.6.4 legacy kernel without the latest diff posted by AnV otherwise i get an unbootable system. Here's my pc specs: Pentium D820 Motherboard: MSI p4m890m Snow Leopard 10.6.4 running 32bit with everything working through DSDT Thank you
  5. I'm going to think that this is only a visualization problem...CPU is probably synced regardless of what is written as CPU frequency as long as it passes the tsc check and fsb and bus ratio are reported correctly, isn't it?
  6. Me too, I have a Pentium D 820 and FSB frequency is shown as 200MHz (that is the right value), bus ratio at 14 (even this is correct) but CPU Frequency is reported as 0MHz! TSC verification test is passed anyway and the system boots without issue. When I was using version 10.0 of this great kernel CPU Frequency was reported correctly Any hints?
  7. Hi, my default audio output is digital out and I would like to implement jack autodetection to overrivde S/PDIF and route audio to the front panel as soon as I plug my headphones. Is that possible? I tried various combination of codecverb and pathmap but I get only one of the two output to show in sound preferences (and that is correct) but it doesn't change when I plug the headphones. Thank you Bye bye!
  8. These kexts haven't the front mic in info plist but only the rear mic so the front one doesn't even appear in the input list. As I was explaining in the previous post, I tried to edit the 3outs2ins legacyhda from the archive that you have just linked in order to add the entry for the front mic. I have used the info.plist from the 3outs3ins for leopard (which contains the front mic entry) to modify the legacy kext for snow leopard. The result is that the front mic appears in the input list but it is named "None" and it does not work. Thank you for your help anyway
  9. Is that kext for snow leopard? I have just tried it but I don't get any output and input I'm running snow leopard with 64bit kernel Thank you
  10. I have the same problem with my front mic, it appears as "None". I have created a legacyHDA for SL starting from the modified applehda 1.6.2a37 3outs3ins in the main page of this thread. I have tried almost every combination but I can't get it to work...al the other inputs/outputs work like a charm. I've got a GA-P35-DS3P with ALC889a. Please help!
  11. Random kernel panics

  12. Random kernel panics

    I forgot to say that it seems that if I don't repair the permission after the kernel panic, it happens more frequently
  13. Random kernel panics

    I don't use that kext and I'm quite sure that this is not the problem, I usually use more than 3gb of ram without problem Thank you anyway
  14. Random kernel panics

    Hi, I hope you can help me First of all this is my configuration: Gigabyte P35-DS3P bios F11 Intel C2D E8400 4Gb Corsair XMS2 PC6400 CAS4 Retail Leopard 10.5.5 with EFI V8 XFX Geforce 8800GTS 320Mb 2 HDD sataII with the motherboard set in ahci mode Audio, Video and lan work with efi strings About once a week I randomly get a kernel panic I tested the ram with memtest and it didn't find any error, I have format the driver and installed leopard again from the beginnig but nothing changed. I don't use JmicronATA.kext so the problem isn't related with the use of more then 3Gb of ram. Booting leopard with -v allowed me to read the panic.log, here you can see it: In this log it appears the name of amule, but this absolutely doesn't matter because the kp happens even when amule isn't running and then in the log a different application appears. Does someone know how to find what is causing the kernel panic? Bye!
  15. I have forgotten to say that everytime I get the kernel panic I always repair the permissions...if I don't do that, I experience the same kernel panic more frequently, even twice in a day. Please help! I'm becoming crazy! I don't use any kext (except for AppleHDA) because I use efi string I don't know how many working channels I have because I use digital out.