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  1. wait for the new designs to come out in the upcoming months, then when u saved a little bit more you can get a macbook that will look less tacky like the current one.
  2. New MBP and MB designs?

    so no one from a mac forum has anything to input lol?
  3. I havnt got any information to give, but wondered if anyone had any knowledge or specualtion on the release dates of the new designs?
  4. ALC880 - no sound on laptop

    alright bud, i got the same problem, but i get sound from the headphone jack. How did u make a dump in ubuntu (haha)? Ill post it up and maybe u could give it a go. I have a uniwell laptop, so we might be able to sort something out between us cause i been trying for weeks.
  5. Speakers dosn't work on ALC880

    hi, have you found a solution to this problem yet? i just managed to get my sound to work out the headphone plug after months of trying lol, but still no love from speakers
  6. nop nothing for it yet, im patiently waiting as well
  7. Just Ordered XPS m1530

    its actually quite easy to tripple boot. When it comes to most of you guys, im probably considered a noob. I didnt get much help here, probably like you wont for this sort of question The way i did it was install vista. I then poped in a LIVE ubuntu (or whatever linux distro you use). This allowed me to partition my hard drive into about 4 partitions. An NTFS partition already existed for vista, then i put aside 20gb ext3 for ubuntu, and 15gb for mac osx leopard. I didnt want to allocate to much to osx because i knew for a fact drivers arnt yet ready for the standard intel 3945g wcard, and it turned out i couldnt get my sound card to work after hours and hours either. So enough with the ranting, allocate whatever you want for a linux partition, dont worry too much about the format of your osx partition because you can format it using the osx install disk, just make a partition space for it. Then you want a fat32 partition for sharing data between the multiple o/s. So you have installed vista, then install your linux distro with grub. Grub should be your main boot loader, you can then access the grub.lst file in your ubuntu partition to change it to include a windows and mac osx boot option (plenty of guides avail for this). This will allow you to boot all 3 o/s from one boot loader. Then install mac osx with darwin boot loader on the same partition. Chances are it will override the grub loader, so you will want to re-active the grub loader (again guides are available). Once you have all 3 installed, you should be able to select the 3 o/s. Selecting your mac osx choice will load darwin boot loader, which you will just select mac osx again and hey presto. It sounds quite straight forward, but it took me days to tweak things and install in the right order / re-active things effected by another install so that everything works.
  8. Realtek ALC880 working solution?

    hi taruga, thanks for the ubber quick reply. Unfortunately i had tried your above 2 methods, and neither worked. I tried them again but with no luck. When i tried to put the kext files into the extensions folder it did kick up a bit of an error if i remember rightly, i think it was after the restart. i appreciate the help and recognise your hard work on these drivers, i guess ill just have a lye in wait and hope another solution arises
  9. I have exhausted all the options i can find to get this sound card working. I have gone through all the apple HDA patching post and tried ALL the codec dumps that are available from the first page. Some start to say they support line in, some say they support apple HD output, but none work I didnt want to have to create a new post for this, but im at the end of my teather, and really cant see what else i can do. I will try everything anyone says (as long as ur not all jokers haha), and provide any information i can, i really dont want to have to buy a new sound and wireless card (im a poor student) The laptop im on is built by Rock and has a Intel 945PM with the above graphics card, and im running Leopard 10.5.1 b kalyway. If someone could get this to work i would actually jump around my room. Thanks
  10. Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD doesn't boot

    alright this might sound real wierd, but it was the solution to a problem i had that took weeks to sort out. I have a rock laptop, and i tried atkos 1st, but it wouldnt boot, and the tried kalaway, and although initially promising, it wouldnt book either. Basically throughout the install proccess, the loading bar would freeze, then move again when i moved the mouse (i dont know if it happened with you). Anyway, this would happen, then it would stop at saying "less than a minute to install". I would restart and it might boot once, but only once. What i did to solve this is throughout the whole install, i kept the mouse moving all the time. I know it sounds stupid, but i tried installing about 12 times, and this was the only successful way i found of installing it (and yes i was running off the main elec all the time) Let me knwow if this wierd way works for u.
  11. I am trying to install mac osx leopard (kalyway) on my laptop. in order of installed, i have vista, ubuntu gutsy, and leopard (kalyway). Vista and ubuntu work fine with the grub boot loader, but when i install mac osx in another partition (all os's on one hard drive), it doesnt appear on the grub boot loader. So i changed my menu.lst to have mac osx as another option, with various lines of code, but with no luck (root (hd0,2), makeactive, chainloader +1 etc and other variations). I think it finds the partition, but cant boot, the error is : invalid or unsupported executable format. I have tried code such as makedefault which worked for some, but my system simply reboots. I have read about some mapping, but with that is where they have 2 drives, where as all of my os's are on one. Tried chainloader --force +1, but tries to load stage2, then get grub 18 error, rootnoverify does nothing for me Can anyone help? Thanks