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  1. Should I buy an iMac?

    Hello agian, It is abit scary thinking that the ppc imac would become obsolete once apple stops supporting software, but other than that it seems pretty competitive according to this cnet article... the 17inch not so much probably. I imagine the dual core windows systems will pull away once software takes advantage of it. I think i may end up waiting unless i succumb to the need of a new computer to get the dell box. Thanks for your help!
  2. hello, this is my first post. I've been a windows user all my life but OSx seems as if its on another level from windows. I'm currently looking for a new desktop and I'm wondering whether to commit to a new imac, its price and features are very similar to a dell dual core model i've been looking at. I'd be very willing to pay the $150-200 premium for the mac. Unfortunatly this business about apple switching to the x86 platform has made me wonder whether to wait for the new intel macs or perhaps a better pc on which to load an intel compatible version of OSx... I'd be very greatful if anyone could offer some advice! Thanks, Alex