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  1. What's my best option?

    The g4 mini has better video
  2. What would you tell Apple?

    Why is there no head-less mid range mac? Why is there no mac with sli / cross fire? Why is mac osx x86 not out for all systems?
  3. development of osx86

    amd will come out with a better chip soon so don't cut them out
  4. Got is installed on PCC 1.42DP FW800, but . . . .

    10.5 is still in beta and there is a update out that may fix this
  5. Mac pro Questions

    A EFI video card is need for it to work in mac os x
  6. What ones work with deep sleep?

    MBP has betten video then the mb with has gma 950 and that eats system ram. MBP has an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 the MBP also has an ExpressCard/34 slot
  8. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    likely EFI
  9. New desktop macs are Intel Xeons!

    XEON boards don't have x16 pci-e slots too. Some that do have them only run them at x8
  10. New mac Pro motherboard

    http://developer.apple.com/documentation/H..._PCI/index.html http://developer.apple.com/documentation/H...0608/index.html
  11. Mac Pro

    the cards may need a efi bios
  12. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    No SLI or Crossfire and likey only one x16 slot at full speed. If a amd 4x4 system with 2 good video cards in SLI or Crossfire with more ram then a mac pro at the same price come out then it does not look for apple. FB-DIMMs cost to much.
  13. Hardware for Leopard, P4 or AMD 64 ?

    look at amd's 4x4 too.