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  1. 10.5.2 whoops

    can i run the kalyway 10.5.2 update from a USB drive while booting from the 10.5.1 DVD???
  2. 10.5.2 whoops

    please? anyone? what files do i need to replace?
  3. 10.5.2 whoops

    so i ran autoupdate and let it install the 10.5.2 update on my kalyway 10.5.1 install. should have checked it out beforehand, but it was late, i was tired... needless to say, grey screen of death on boot ensues. i imagine i need to boot with the 10.5.1 DVD and use terminal and a flash drive to move the right files around... but what files are the problematic ones? aka, the magic ones? -TIA
  4. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    how do i connect to a wireless network with 802.1x authentication through this though??? the WLAN client utility doesn't seem to have the setup options i need, and Network Preferences recognized the adapter as an ethernet port...therefore it doesn't have the 802.1x setup options i need to connect...anyone know how to do this?
  5. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    looks like that worked...haven't been connected for long though, we'll see...
  6. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    I installed the latest drivers, but when I boot, it says "Please Enable the WLAN Card" it says it should be under system preferences in "network" But I don't see how to enable any wireless device under the new Leopard (10.5.1) Network Preferences pane. wtfff?
  7. This page here states that "This hightly configuable bootloader can easily boot Vista, XP, OS X, or Linux Systems. If you don't have vista, you can use this bootloader too! Download Easybcd en click the 'Install Vista Bootloader' button." This is not true, I just wasted an afternoon trying to make EasyBCD work on windows XP-64 without a copy of Vista. Seeing as how I despise Vista (I call it Fista), and refuse to even download it until SP2, I am SOL with this program, and if you don't have a copy of Fista lying around, you will be too if you try to use it on XP alone. If there's something I'm missing here, by all means, enlighten me. If not, then fix the damn wiki so others dont fall into the same trap
  8. i'd like to know too. anyone? i'll try it myself tomorrow if possible...
  9. [Random] 9999 Replies

    sucessfully booted my h4ck1t0sH this morning woot woot 7255
  10. ATI HD 2900 Pro ?

    eh, nevermind, i fixed it all by re-installing with no video drivers, booting in safe mode, removing NVDAResman.kext, Geforce.kext, and inserting ATINDRV.kext and Natit.kext...
  11. so, i have the kalyway 10.5.1 SSE2/3 DVD, and i've been trying to get it to run properly. the install proceeds normally, but upon booting, i reach the apple logo with spinning thing screen, then it turns dark grey and hangs. my question to you is, could my ATI HD 2900 Pro be causing this problem? in the install options for the DVD it has drivers for x1900 and x1x00 cards, but no 2x00's i tried with the x1x00 drivers first which caused the situation described above. with no drivers at all, instead of turning grey, the screen gets corrupted. does this mean i have to mod my install DVD to have the 2x00 drivers on it? if so, how do i do this?
  12. P5W DH - (all recomended BIOS options set) C2D E4600 4 GB RAM 160 GB SATA HD 20x DVD SATA ATI HD 2900 PRO Install options- (x)Vanilla_Kernel_ACPIPlatform ( ) SSE2 SYSTEM (x) NATIT_ATIcards (x) HDA_ALC882 ( ) Network drivers (x) BOOT_efi_guid Boots to grey screen with spinning thing, then turns dark grey and does nothing. why? is it my graphics card? help!