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  1. groox

    lifehacker guide

    Hi, it worked for me, but I had to do some minor changes, I mean I used my own dsdt.aml file, and had to use GFX String on com.apple.bootplist. After making these I was able to install SL and make it bootable after. Thx very much.
  2. groox

    DSDT Database

    Asus DSVB-DX Bios 1.07 fixes : UID (Sleep Shutdown doesn't work) I had to use GFX String , for GeForce 8800GT 512Mb DSDT.txt
  3. groox

    WoW guild

    Ok. Just let me know when you start playing.
  4. groox

    WoW Fresh Start

    Hi, I'm interested. I'm level one undead mage. I'm on Tirande. thx
  5. groox

    WoW guild

    Hi, there is any insanelymac users guild on WoW. Those any body knows? Thanks.
  6. groox

    USB problems after 10.5.2 Update

    Hi, I don't know about the kernel , because I didn't have to replace mach_kernel file. I did replaced AppleSMBIOS from my backed up kexts after doing the upgrade to 10.5.2.
  7. groox

    USB problems after 10.5.2 Update

    Hi, I've got the same problem with usb after upgrading. I've got PC-EFI installed. These is what I've done to get my usb working again. Installed the combo update again and when it came to restoring my kext's I just restores dmos and applesmbios. I rebooted my machine, the first time it rebooted, I let it go and when it started again I could get into my hacintosh with usb working. I did not do the part of going into safe mode and repairing permissions. Bye
  8. groox

    Instalacion de leopard con efi

    Hola, mira este hilo haber si te resuelve el problema. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry585038 Yo me baje el dvd de iatkos v1.0rc2, se instalo bien, con EFI incluido. Un saludo.
  9. Hi, this is a link to the page that have this kind of adpaters http://www.orbitmicro.com/global/pciexpres...pter-p-755.html Have fun.
  10. Hi, I've got an Asus motherboard that supports up to 2 quad core. The model is DSBV-DX (server motherboard), it costed me around 250€. The things I don't like about this motherboard, it has no sound, and no PCIe x16. I've got to by an adaptor (PCIe x8 to PCIe x16). These are the specs for my hacintosh: CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon 5300 MOTHERBOARD Asus DSBV-DX MEMORY 4 x 2gb Kingston FB-DIMM GRAPHICS XFX nVIDIA 5200 AUDIO Creative 5.1 usb DRIVES 500gb seagate sata, HP 212 DVD-R OS Mac OS X 10.5.1 Leopard // Windows XP x64-Edition