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  1. Actually I did read the other posts and I still wanted to post my thoughts on it as well. How you get off saying my post is spam? Adobe made that promise based on Apple's bogus release date. Again though I will take the side of Adobe and not waste a cent of capital to get something half baked out the door to please a low number of new intel mac owners and software pirates. There is going to be growing pains with this just like there was everytime Apple transitioned into a new architecture. Even more so now because they are going from RISC to CISC.
  2. Yes they would but a AMD - Opteron 880 Dual-Core 2.4GHz 1MB top of the line costs roughly $2600 so a few hundred more and you can buy you a good Mac and would most likely be a good idea to wait and see what apple puts out on the pro line before buying a G5. However it depends on the ultimate goal, do you want to run OSX and all it's goodies or do you want to remain PC. That quad chip is pretty darn cool but what will you do with it? It is like buying a Ferrari to go to the grocery store.
  3. Abu Ghurab

    Hey at least we are not cutting peoples heads off in the the name of (whatever diety you believe in). Not to make light of a lesser of two evils but these people are and were not uniformed soldiers so allot of the rules that apply to war are null whether we like it or the media likes it. Terrorists can and will be tortured. It sucks that we as human beings need to evolve big time. I don't condone what these people did but sometimes you just can't be nice to bad people.
  4. Why would Adobe have anything ready for low-end mac and also don't forget that Apple was supposed to release these new Intel Macs in June 06 not January 06. Allot of software companies don't have product ready for UB. Quite frankly why would Adobe spend millions of dollars to push a product out for a low base number of new low end mac users. Are Intel Mac sales staggering? Nope they are not so sorry guys but you will probably not see a UB of Adobe products until Apple puts Intel into the pro-end macs. I think it is unjustified to be flamming Adobe for not having a product ready for the "Yugo" macs because they know most of them pirate it anyway. If you don't know what a Yugo is, look up a pos car of the late 80's. If anyone is to be flammed it should be Apple for sticking it to the developers of major software vedors and telling them June 06, then releasing in January. Come on think about it. Peace
  5. Well I would have to point out the Macintosh 128K to the Classic II were pretty scary to get into with exposed crt and had a very clear warning on the label of shock risk. But for the hardcore that like to tweak etc they are cool still to run. These little guys were powerhouses for their time and a PC did not even come close. Mac and Amiga were the owners of graphics in the late 80's and early to mid 90's. Peace
  6. I definately believe Apple should offer OS X to non-apple x86 consumers and sell it for a premium at arround the same price as Windows XP Pro. For the actual Apple hardware machines, sell upgrade packages that can only run on Apple hardware. Of course this would be cracked but at least offer some legality for those who trully want to run OS X. To get right down to the point which Apple knows, it is OS X that people want. If they release a open-hardware version I believe they fear loss of hardware sales. I don't believe that would be so at all because an Apple user will most of the time always be an Apple user. If they build a more stable machine that proves that it is superior to clone machines out there, I will buy Apple.Honestly those who believe that the PC and x86 architecture is superior are sorely mistaken, the only things that keeps the PC on top is price/availability. VCR vs. Betamax kind of logic. I speculate that Apple will have a chip made by intel for the pro workstations that is not x86 core and the x86 boxes will be for the low end market. We shall see. As far as the whole thing about upgrading Mac's. I have plenty of old Mac's that were cpu/memory/video upgradable MAC IICX for example. I don't think homework has been done on this article, although I can agree that upgrading a mac usually cost almost as much as buying a newer model. If Apple wishes to survive and make substantial profits another five years, they need to do two things. 1.) Decide on delivering affordable/quality products comparable to PC market including upgradability 2.) Decide on making a split to two separate entities software/hardware and sell OS X to open-hardware (No possible Anti-trust lawsuit) Peace
  7. ok do this, set your audio to 6 channels in XP and then reboot into OSX and see if you can change it to 6 channels. Also check that your card vendor id etc, is in the AC97 kext file.
  8. Yeah I did read your post, I was just making a generic statement for others that do have audio channel settings in their BIOS. That is really strange that you do not have speaker layout settings for your card in the advanced audio properties. Most AC97 drivers have this. I am willing to bet that this is your problem, that the driver you are using is set to 2 channel and you cannot change it to 5.1 surround etc. I had to do this to mine to get it to work in OSX. There may be another driver/software package that will allow you to make these changes in windows. Perhaps seeing if there is a driver update from your board manufacturer. Because you can get one channel to work that tells me that the problem is the channel settings. Anyway good luck with it hopefully you can look further into the settings on the card in windows and discover where you can make these changes on the card/chipset. Oh I forgot to ask which exact Biostar board you are using. I could lookup the driver you are using and see if that feature is on your sound chip. Most of the Biostar P4 board specs are showing 6 channel AC 97 sound cards.
  9. Sorry about the belated reply. Did you make sure that your card information is in that kext file. Most if not all AC97 cards have the six channels. So you should be able to select 6 channels on that drop down menu. Also check you bios settings for that card and if this is a dual boot with windows on it, make sure your speaker settings in windows is set for a 5.1 surround/multispeaker layout. This may be why you only see 2 channels. Try making those changes in windows if it is a dual boot machine and then boot back into OS X and see if you can select the proper channels. I worked on this problem with mine for a few hours before I figured this out. Good luck. OS X machine Dell Precision Workstation 370 audio AC97-working video-nvidia FX 5200 vesa ------> hoping for a good patch to get QE running Network card builtin- not working had to install a Intel Pro 100 card- working SATA-not working ATA-working DVD burner OEM from Dell working. Maxtor ATA 133 30gb
  10. I have seen many people post that they loaded everything right and still don't have sound. Here is a possible fix for most of you out there that are having problems. Go to your Applications/Utilities/ folder and open your Audio Midi Setup program. You will get a window that shows your audio devices and settings. There is a dropdown selector called Properties For: (in this box you will see your sound card). There should be 2 to select in this option and one will be for input and the the other for output. Select the one that brings the output properties on the window because that is the one we want to configure. Now that the Audio Output options are up, go ahead and select 6ch-16bit to the right of the dropdown box called Format: .You can mess with the sample frequency rate later, we just want to get sound working right now. Once you have the channel set to 6 channels at 16bit, now click the button called Configure Speakers. In there you will have 2 buttons called Left Speaker and Right Speaker and below them the drop down selector to choose a channel 1 through 6. So now what you need to do is select the left dropdown and choose a channel. Most of the time channel 3 is the proper channel for the left speaker so try that first and then hit the left front button to test. You should hear white noise comming from the left speaker. If not then keep choosing a different channel and test. Do the same thing for the right speaker. I have found that 3 for left and 6 for right work most of the time. This has allot to do with the way audio channels are setup on your card for surround sound etc and therefore most cards now have more than just a 2 channel configuration. Hope this helps someone out.