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  1. DB1

    Decompiled original Apple DSDTs

    Mac Book Air 4.2 MBA4.2_dsdt.dsl.zip MacBookAirIOREG.zip
  2. Hi all. DHP just tried 648 and no problems, then updated with the later boot & boostruct files and dont get beyond grey apple. Ran the debug on boot.c and get: boot0: GPT boot0: testing boot0: done boot1: /boot gArchCPUType (CPU): i386 No com.apple.Boot.plist found. No UUID specified in com.apple.Boot.plist Booting from a Non System Volume, getting UUID. Success (volume uuid) bootFile empty! Sleeping for 5 seconds…. execKernel1-0 execKernel1-1 mach-o file has bad magic number DecodeKernel() failed! Wont be around much this evening i'm putting a replacement bios chip on the P5K VM which i trashed a while ago as I want to start playing with Lion. (been trying it out on the MacMini), also got A G5 case so will be doing a conversion on that as well soon. Keep up the good work guys and gal, hopefully Revolution will be booting Lion soon.
  3. Hi All, 647 no problems for me on SL. from SDcard & EFI partition.
  4. Just tried these and no issues to report, done a dynamic run on cpu and all as expected and as my static normally reports. Probably not the confirmation you need in terms of I had nothing broke previous but confirms nothing broken by the changes.
  5. Agree, NOBODY knows everything, we only know what we do because we are taught, learn, research or are gifted geniuses. And (predominately in the west) we have freedom of speech and expression - components of democracy. There is another side, your Dad has taken his experience and knowledge part gained in "rule breaking activities" to enhance the product to the benefit of the lawful provider. I'm pretty sure Apple keep an eye on this forum and use ideas both positive and negatively against us so called non ethical rule breakers. So far as I know we only get one go at life so we should max it! Guys & gals how did we get to politics and ethics! (and I could not help myself). DHP and contributors we greatly appreciate your commitment, talent and gifts to the community. Don't get sucked, keep up the great and enjoyable work you do which we support, learn and benefit from.
  6. Amazing! Good things come to those that work hard, congratulations. Just returned from a long weekend in London, there's building work going on all over the place probably prepping for the olympics. Have caught up in the last half hour, 646 no problems for me. Worn out with the weekend marathon around the capitol - never walked so far for many a year, so it's an early night for me a will catch up tomorrow evening.
  7. No further testing needed! How stupid of me, I did not have USE_STATIC_RAM_SIZE set to 1. Everything sorted now. Thanx again.
  8. Will need a new toy then when Lion released! Thanx, debug pic's attached. Seems size is not being picked up. If I set to dynamic I don't get any ram detect data in the debug at all.
  9. Sweet! all working fine here, seems quicker on the SDCard than previous, have tried dynamic and static. On dynamic only memory not reading in but not an issue. Will try on EFI next. Works fine on EFi. As usual great work. Enjoy playing with the new toy. I want one! Can you give feedback on Lion?
  10. All working fine here too, though I did not have a problem previous with static memory. Looking forward to the new SMBIOS patcher. 1st team call up?
  11. The Advent is fully functioning but the stock battery life on them is miserable about 2 hrs at best, you get a beefed up one which gives up to 6 hours. I can use stock kernel with a patched Chameleon bootloader but with Revolution I need a patched one. Handles 10.6.6 very well. The web cam is a bit on the poor side. But all things considered a good value mini macbook.
  12. You can get ACPI base address by setting i386/Config/Settings.h: #define DEBUG_ACPI 0 // Set to 0 by default. Use 1 when things don't seem to work for you. Set this to 1. As for the FACS, have not used that so cannot offer any assistance.
  13. Perhaps you may have misunderstood or I was not clearly expressing what I meant by "System profiler/memory message as before" & "same result" What I meant was in both cases I saw "There was an error while gathering this information" in About This Mac/More info/Memory (as i had on previous tests before). But in About This Mac info correct and with static all everything as it should be. Dynamic detection of ram since these latest changes doesn't work for me (and only partially did before static override). Maybe not ready for next update! Or does the next update fix this? Catch up tomorrow.
  14. Yeah noticed the plural, and the attached file sorted out compile issue. And testing cpu, smbios, and memory dynamic same System profiler/memory message as before. With cpu, smbios dynamic and memory static same result. In both cases about this mac correct. Final test all static is fine. Catch up after the movie.
  15. Hi DHP, great you had a good night and a great day today. Ok, tried this putting this here: #define STATIC_MAC_PRODUCT_NAME "MacBookPro6,1" #if USE_STATIC_SMBIOS_DATA // Do nothing. #else // Setup RAM module info. #define STATIC_RAM_VENDORS { "N/A", "Crucial", "N/A", "Vendor#4", '\0' } // #define USE_STATIC_RAM_SIZE 0 // Should only be used to correct wrong values. // #define STATIC_RAM_SIZE SMB_MEM_SIZE_1GB // See platform.h for other values. #define USE_STATIC_RAM_SIZE 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 when you need to use static ram size info. #if USE_STATIC_RAM_SIZE #define STATIC_RAM_SIZES { SMB_MEM_SIZE_1GB, SMB_MEM_SIZE_1GB } #endif #define STATIC_RAM_TYPE SMB_MEM_TYPE_DDR2 #define STATIC_RAM_SPEED 667 #define STATIC_RAM_PART_NUMBERS { "N/A", "128X64K-67E", "N/A", "Part#4", 0 } #define STATIC_RAM_SERIAL_NUMBERS { "N/A", "1158940424", "N/A", "Serial#4", 0 } #endif And set dynamic cpu, smbios, and ram and it compiles fine, about this mac confirms right cpu and ram BUT in System Profiler/Memory complains "There was an error while gathering this information". When I set use static ram size 1 it wont compile, giving error: platform.c: In function ‘initPlatform’: platform.c:167: error: ‘STATIC_RAM_SIZE’ undeclared (first use in this function) platform.c:167: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once platform.c:167: error: for each function it appears in.) make[2]: *** [platform.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2 No problem for me patching along the way between full releases.