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    Asus X99 GTX 970 Intel 5820k

    Where should i start? I did many tutorials but nothing work. Finaly the Problem is that my Installation do not start. It looks like this.. Using Terminal and clover
  2. Hallo, ist hier zufällig jemand der die gleiche (ähnliche) Hardware hat und mir mal helfen könnte. Ich tüftle schon seit 3 Wochen an meinem Hackintosch ohne Erfolg.
  3. Hmm i think i dont understand it. I connect a emty ssd to my VMware. Formating and Partition. The first step is installing El Capitan to it? If i do this i got no bootloader (clover)
  4. I hope i make i right. Downloaded EFI zip and copy to efi on my USB Stick The file X99 Problem: In clover u have many more Option than me. How can i get my SSD to VMware?
  5. It doesn´t work No Idea what i do wrong, but there must something i do wrong
  6. @Fljagd Thx. Test IT Sonday
  7. Will try tomorrow to handle IT
  8. I tryed different settings in bios. Sam Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed Missing Bluetooth Controler
  9. Maybe you see something wrong.
  10. I dont know what u mean. IT testet in USB 2.0 and 3.0 I testet in Front USB and back side
  11. Now it looks like this .... Any Ideas?
  12. Starting / installing from USB doesn´t work. Here some pics from Clover I chose Install in Clover menue .... than comes the apple ... pc reboot Someone an Idea why I cant install?
  13. Is this the fake smc? HWSensors.6.19.1406.Binaries.dmg
  14. THX Now I am at step 4 Step 4: Now its time to add all the kext, patched DSDT (if you use one) and SSDT (if you use one) the required kext is FakeSMC, 10.10 shown in below pic but add a new folder and name it 10.11 for El Captian Where can I get this? I can Google four it but dont know witch is the right four my System. Or that is not system-related?​ ​ ​
  15. Hi. I try since a week to install El Capitan on my Desktop PC. First i read, i have to tell about my exat Hardware. So I try my best. In the last days i have done many diferent totorials but nothing work. The only thing i think i do fine is copy OS X El Capitan to my usb. So the next step i would say is to run Clover. At this Point i hope four a step by step Help. Many thanks to you. (es kann gerne auch in deutsch geantwortet werden) Intel Core i7-5820K Motherboard Bios System Memory Nvidea Geforce GTX 970 HDD Audio Ethernet