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  1. This is simple guide how to change/alias location of home folders. Many of hackintosh users use SSD drives for system and apps and would prefer not to crowd them with extensive amounts of data. This guide, courtesy of Davemreed from MacRumors.com explains in most simple way how to link default home folders to any secondary internal or external hard drive. Thanks to this solution you can store downloads, pictures, music, FCP libraries etc not on your system drive. This example refers to 'Downloads' folder, but can be applied to any home folders respectively. Warning!!! - this procedure deletes home folder with whole its content, so please be careful. First copy your Download folder to target location, otherwise you lose it. Launch Terminal Type: sudo rm -rf ~/Downloads/ You will prompted by a password, preceded by a warning about being careful. Now your Downloads folder is deleted from your home location. Next, in the Terminal window, type: ln -s (with a space following the 's'). Now, open a Finder window and go to the target location of your Downloads. Drag the new Downloads folder into the Terminal window. The path to the new destination will auto fill. Hit the return key to issue the command. The new Downloads default folder has now been successfully changed. Enjoy!