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  1. Not a video.... This regards installation of an Asus NVIDIA GTX 570 PCIexpress card. It is NOT EFI configured thus needs drivers! Plus I think I have to install the drivers separately for both Yosemite and Mavericks. The Win7 partition was simple, just downloaded the drivers from NVIDIA. Think I found something within the site and my mistake! Oh woe I think the USB '32Gb stick' should have been formatted through 'terminal' with OS X applications loaded. The whole procedure is somewhat more complicated than I anticipated, especially seeing I have never touched a Mac until 3 weeks ago.
  2. This is a follow on regarding installation of an Nvidia GTX570 device-id (0x108610DE) for Yosemite and El Cap. Webdriver 334.01.03f01 is on desktop as is Clover installer (the version above for El cap and Yosemite). In the Nvidea forum I was told 2 ways to install the video card with Clover, being- 1/ "InjectNvidia=true". 2/ "With Clover FakeID device-id 0x108110DE". LOL, the problem being that Clover is, as recommended, installed on a 32Gb USB stick and I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do with it! There are so many packages and applications on the 'stick' I am bewildered Thus need somewhere within Insanelymac that explains what to DO with Clover once you have it semi ready to go, or directions of a website that tells what to do with it. Maybe there exists simpler versions of Clover and I have installed the one for the computer geniuses? In anycase some help would be greatly appreciated. Rgds....
  3. tarq71

    Asus NVidia GTX 570 install problems

    Thanks to all for pointing me in the right direction. Sort of as I feared Chameleon or Clover is required. I am EXTREMELY new to Macs, thus am somewhat lost. There seem to be many varieties of Chameleon and Clover and this site is enormous and bewildering to a computer illiterate so exactly which version of Chameleon or Clover do I download? The easiest to use please! Maybe there is a guide/s somewhere within forums that explains the procedure but I cannot find it/them.... LOL wish one of you lot lived nearby as I would pay you well to do whatever is needed. Sighs, the disadvantage of living in a small village, none up here seem to know anymore about Macs than I do. Ya about zero. Phoned the local computer 'expert', what a joke all he said was get a 'normal' PC as I don't handle Macs they are a problem! Replied, 'Ya sure 20KG of fine well designed computer verses a tinny load of junk with wires everywhere, in any case have one and dislike it and Microsoft'. Overall, this is going to be a challenge, a very slow learning process but will learn about Macs and their potentials..... Rgds to all Rob. LOL now problems cannot find osx instaler in applications, apple store or anywhere else
  4. tarq71

    Asus NVidia GTX 570 install problems

    Thanks for the reply Allan. A question, 'boot with nvda_drv=1'. Where does the nvda_drv=1 go? In plain words how do I boot with nvda drv=1 ????? Another question, if Mavericks just boots with a plain white screen because it did not like the drivers installed how can I recover without using a backup? Cheers Rob.
  5. System.......... Mac Pro 3.1 running 10.5.9 (13F1712) 32Gb Ram, Dual 2.8 Processors. Video Card.... Asus NVidia GeForce GTX 570 1280MB Vendor... NVIDIA (0*10de) Device... 0*1086 Preset... 1.0.0 The monstrosity takes up 3 slots!!!! Updater V1.4 says driver 310.40.55f01 installed. Ha tried to install it through InsanelyMac Web driver. Blank screen thus used Time Machine backup to re-install. Tried NVIDIA update within V1.4 giving a result of driver 334.01.03f09, tried that from the V1.4 updater package, blank screen again, another restore. The NVDAStartupWeb.kext patch says nothing found in S/L/E (what's an S/L/E)? There is an icon on the desktop called NVEnabler.kext. I cannot open it (what is it for)? Thus I resort to this forum hoping some kind soul will tell me what to do, ie which keys to press Bear with me a bit and please do not get too technical, I have never touched a Mac until 3 weeks ago and few 60+ year olds are computer literate. A kext to me sounds like a cross between a cheshire cat and an Ab minor with a sus 9th.... The system is running not only Mavericks but El Cap 10.11.4 plus Win 7. No problems installing the drivers and CUDA to Win7. The experimental installations are done on Mavericks as I use El Cap as the boot drive and simply restore Mavericks from backups. I have included a copy of information from Updater 1.4 (if it makes any sense to anyone).... VBIOS hex value= 55aa73eb 4b373430 30e94c19 77cc5649 44454f20 0d000000 ecl bah, whatever that means. Now to hope for a reply Rgds Rob.
  6. I just managed the quiz, barely. You kids need to understand that people like myself (+60) were not brought up in a world of computers (not totally true as in the early 80's I fiddled around with Sinclair Z80's and Spectrums to the extent of learning 8 bit machine code). I doubt if many would know what a slide rule is, let alone how to use one! Some of you can probably perform marvels with a computer, and I admire what you are able to achieve and share within this website. Sooo, what am I doing here? Here goes.... Purchased a Mac Pro Desktop early 2008 model 3.1 two weeks ago, was impressed when I pulled it to bits as it did not resemble the tinny light weight mess of wires that are used to run Windows. Threw an extra 16Gb of ram in it plus extra HDD's. Installed Mavericks, El cap and Win7 booted individually via Quickboot 1.1. Started to experiment with the Mac to get used to its OSX, realised quickly that I know very little after reading a few articles about Macs, thus, ended up on this website looking for information primarily regarding yjdeo cards. I have an objection to forking out for an ETI card specifically for a Mac when an equivalent for Windows is 30% of the price (highway robbery)!! Thus am here looking for solutions to connect something like a standard GTX 570 (anyone have a better suggestion other than a huge GTX 780Ti) to the Mac that will function with the three operating systems installed. Looking being the keyword, managed to find a wealth of information which is somewhat technical, think I browsed the wrong forum threads, can some kind soul point me in the right direction? If achieving my goal involves a great deal of hacking the system (taking hours/days) tell me to buy an ETI card and shut up Rgds R.
  7. tarq71

    Introduce yourself.

    Greetings all, Herewith one retired (over the hill) musician. Am amazed I achieved 6/10 to pass the quiz (luck mostly) Even luckier with quiz 2 as I closed my eyes. Computer illiterate, although have achieved to get Mavericks, El Cap and Win 7 running on this Mac Pro 3.1 Once had a mobile/cell phone which got thrown out the window... Electronics knowledge ends with analogue valve/tube amplifiers, which are a LOT better than digital devices as they don't require a 'kext' (whatever a kext is). Hoping to get a few replies to some basic questions within an appropriate forum. Cheers.....