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  1. You mean the EFI partition? If you use an EFI partition for booting snow leopard you can do the same for Lion BUT NOT on the same disk.
  2. For Lion installation, just follow any guide in this forum to restore the Lion image in a usb flashdrive, download the latest chameleon, install it on the usb flash drive (usb flash partition table must be Guid). Then put in usb flash-> extra folder your dsdt. BE CAREFUL latest dsdt provided here DOES NOT work in 32bit. If you need 32bit you have to find an older dsdt version provided here.I have Lion kernel in 32bit mode because my external soundcard, does not have 64 bit drivers. I don't know if this method works with ati cards because i have an Nvidia. I think that people with ati GPU must search for more information. After installation, boot with the usb again and choose your lion installation. You can install new chameleon on your hard disk and move your extra folder there. Kexts in extra folder are the usual. You can search for newer version of Fakesmc.kext. For onboard sound install this kext with kext utility (in system/library/extensions folder) AppleHDA.kext.zip Have not tested firewire. Sleep works fine. Everything seems ok.
  3. I wish you all a happy new year and i have some news for you:) 10.6.5 with Acer5920GHDA.kext working just perfect and Chameleon Graphics enabler = yes... FINALLY WITHOUT ANY CONFLICTS:) 1)Delete VoodooHDA if you have any (usually in System/Library/Extensions) 2)Restore AppleHDA.kext (version 10.6.2) in System/Library/Extensions. If you don't have it, search in the forum, i am not on my laptop right now, so i can't attach it. 3) Install Acer5920GHDA.kext in System/Library/Extensions using kext helper or kext utility 4) Open com.apple.Boot.plist NOT THE ONE IN THE EXTRA FOLDER. You need the one in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. Paste the alc888 efi string in this file and save it. (IF YOU HAVE THE SAME EFI STRING IN /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist, DELETE IT) 5) Enable Graphics Enabler in /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist, repair permissions and restart. Now you have fully working graphics without any kext and sound is working as it should!
  4. Firewire issues are known with this mobo and described in older posts in this thread. There are not any usb issues as far as i know . I have 4 external usb hd, an EMU usb soundcard and also one M-audio usb soundcard. I also use several usb flash drives, an epson printer, usb keyboard and mouse and a logitech usb mac cam. The only problem i have is with the EMU soundcard, sometimes it is not recognized after booting. I have to unplug and plug it in again, but this happens with windows too, it is not a hackintosh issue.
  5. FOR SLEEP PROBLEMS I had scheduled sleep working fine until 10.6.3. At some point it stopped working and i found a software based solution. FIRST OF ALL: Make sure that your bios suspend option is S3 ONLY!!!!!! 1)Open system preferences -> energy saver and click on Restore Defaults. Close it and open it again. Set you desired time for computer and display sleep. Select "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" - "Allow power button to put computer to sleep" - "Start up automatically after a power failure". DO NOT SELECT "Wake for ethernet network access" 2)Open terminal and type: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 3)Download the PleaseSleep utility from here Configure it as you wish and voila...Auto sleep works again just fine
  6. Guys be careful i have tried the DSDT from the blog mentioned above and IT DOES NOT WORK with the P6T SE. It is only for the P6T. (Unless you crossflash your bios). The script for making things faster works good for the p6t se but not the dsdt
  7. Delete any other AppleHDA kext or HDEnabler kext you have in extra/extensions (rebuild extensions mkext) Then look in sytem/library/extensions and delete them from there too (if you have any of them). Now download this and install it with kext utility (it will install it in system/library/extensions). About the other question it is written many times in this thread. You should check older posts. Your hackintosh must be recognized as a mac pro. If not speedstep may not work. So you should be happy with this.
  8. I really don't have any experience with other graphic cards, other than the Nvidia9800. If you have an Nvidia 9xxx it should work fine with chameleon graphics enabler. If you used the guide's files, graphics enabler string should be there (in extra/com.apple.boot.plist)
  9. 1) It doesn't matter. You can use DSDT.aml or dsdt.aml it is the same. 2) The color is just cosmetic. You can right click on every file in OSX and choose the "lebel" option. Then choose a color. Try it your self and you will understand this function.
  10. I am not sure i understand what you say but...if you have fakesmc kext, leave it there. If you don't have it, put it in extra/extensions folder and rebuild extensions.mkext
  11. Of course you need it.This kext is included in the guide. You have to do follow the guide posted by tweak41.
  12. No you had it wrong. If you use ifabio 's dsdt and right now you are using Bchemist 's last dsdt with the modified kexts, you have to put back the original kexts and then you can change your dsdt. If you are using older Bchemist 's dsdt right now, then you don't have to change anything. Just the dsdt.
  13. Great. For the last month Bchemist 's absence worried me, i thought that no one will give us a new dsdt . So i used your's in 64bit mode and everything seems ok. I think that now that adobe announced the native 64bit photoshop and apple updated logic studio 64bit , resolving a lot of bugs, we all have to move to x64 architecture. Photoshop cs5 runs extremely fast:) For people using last Bchemist's dsdt, you should make some more changes to your system before changing your dsdt because Bchemist' s last package had some modified kexts. 1)If you used the modified IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext, you have to put back the original! If you don't have it you can download it from here Unzip it on your desktop and drag n drop it on the kext utility icon. Give you password and it will overwrite the modified one. 2)Now you have to restore the original netkas fakesmc.kext. Download it from here . Open your extra/extensions folder and replace your current one with this. Now delete extensions.mkext from your extra folder and rebuild a new one with kext utility. 3) For 64bit you need to modify the com.apple.boot.plist file in Extra folder. You have to delete the arch=i386 string. It should look like this : <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> If you have problems in 64bit you can put back the arch=i386 string and boot in 32bit mode. 4)Before booting in 64bit mode keep in mind that if you have unsupported hardware like external sound cards, without 64bit drivers, they won't work. Also ntfs-3g and tuxera ntfs DO NOT work in 64bit mode. If you have ntfs disks you have to download paragon ntfs 8. At the time, it is the only solution for ntfs support in 64bit. Also if someone uses nvinject, keep in mind that older kext versions are 32bit ONLY. There is a 64bit version here. And finally something new:) As all of you can recall, JaS (!!!!) posted something in this thread. He gave us a link to a blog that supports Asus P6T (no SE). If anyone checked it you should probably know that the dsdt provided there does not work with p6t se. Do not try it with your current bios, you will not be able to boot. BUT there is something there that works for us too They have a script for speeding up boot time and "refreshing" the system. This script does not modify anything in your system. It repairs any wrong permissions, cleans all caches and rebuilds new system extension.mkext and...SPEEDS UP the boot time. I use it every time i make modifications to my system and works great. You can download it from here and use it at your own risk Right click the script, open with terminal, give password, choose your installation disk and let it do the job. Then restart. Of course credit for this goes to http://www.fleebailey33.org/ blog. Even if you don't want to boot in 64bit mode but you want to try iFabio 's dsdt, you should put back the original kexts that Bchemist 's last dsdt package modified. Those kexts were modified to work with that dsdt and we do not know if they are stable with another one. I am using iFabio 's dsdt in 64bit mode right now. Speedstep works, sleep works... everything seems stable. All of you who had problems with firewire should try this dsdt and post if it is solved. I do not have firewire devices so i can't post if it works... If you had no problems with Bchemist 's last dsdt, you should keep using it. He did a great job removing unnecessary code etc.