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  1. With the integrated GMA950 graphics I can only get the resolution 1024x768 to work. How can I get other resolutions to work? Do I need a special KEXT for this to work? In the current setup I have I can choose which resolution I want. Thankful for any suggestions
  2. Can someone help me to get my sound working? I have tried all different combinations of KEXTs but I can not get it to work. What should I do? Other than that it seems to work really good :-)
  3. Mine does that too. Not sure why. It does seem to work though. Mine does too. Can I install the Snow Installer from my Mac Book as well? Or do I need to run this from my Leopard install on the DS4?
  4. Make sure that you point the SL to the correct (empty) partition, ditto for Chameleon installer! I did format my second HD as a single and empty GUID partition. Then I installed everything to this new HD. Just as I did when I successfully installed 10.5.7 using LS8v17. Tried this several times and every time the root of the new HD is messed up with folders that normally is not visible. I believe it is the install of the OSInstall.mpkg that goes wrong. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm having problem with this install method. When I'm opening OSInstall.mpkg it installs fine (deselect printer) but the root of HD is messed up with folders I normally do not see. Another thing is that the install.log is not created after I have installed Chameleon and GA-P35-DS4 Snow Leopard Installer. When I boot the computer freeze at the Chameleon boot screen. I have a GA-P35-DS4 installed with 10.5.7 using LS8 v17. I'm installing from this HD to a second HD (tried both internal HD and USB). I also tried to install SL to a USB from my MacBook. In this case I can not install the Chameleon. Can someone please help!