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    GTX280M in an early 2008 iMac?

    Just as an update http://www.macvidcards.com/ doesn't support iMac video cards. So I'm still on my search.
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    GTX280M in an early 2008 iMac?

    From what I've read, I could boot off a cdrom or bootcamp and do a firmware update. (I looked around for MXM HE to PCI adapters, but they don't seem to be available anymore) I believe I have the Apple iMac rom for the Nvidia 8800GS that was an option for this iMac. (and the application to flash it) The 8800GS uses the same base GPU processor, so from what I've read it should work if nothing else does. It just won't use all the GPU cores or all the ram. I think what you are saying is that your non-apple video card works fine from the login screen forward, and mine might do the same just as it is. Won't hurt to try that once i open my iMac up. I was curious about http://www.macvidcards.com/, but it seemed like they only supported PCI cards for the Mac Pros. But as you suggest it doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. I have a nvidia G92-761-B1 based 1Gig MXM HE card (maybe a GTX280M?) that I'd like to put in my early 2008 24" A1225 (EMC 2211) iMac. (This is part of an upgrade to sata ssd, OWC's 6gig of ram, and a new 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 DUO Mobile E8435 SLAQD 6MB 1066MHz processor. Might as well do it all at once) From my research all the items except the video card should be 'plug & play'. I expect I'll need to re-flash my video card with an apple rom. I think I can use the 8800GS rom that was an option for this iMac, but I know there are better choices to be able to utilize more of this video card. maybe a 9800 GTX+ rom? Can someone point me to an existing rom that would be best for this card or do I need to try and stitch one together? My rom chip is a SST25VF512A-33-4C-SAE (512k), but I can replace it if needed. I found a GTX 285 EFI64 rom from http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,2187.0.html(http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4133784/OrigRom/evga285m.rom) which might work? I'm worried because most of the roms I find are for PCI cards in mac pros. This is a MXM HE card (PCI ish), so is the rom different?