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  1. Can use some help...

    Thanks for all the responces
  2. As I try in photography

    I think it's awsome.
  3. I have recently been asked to create a logo for a small organization that a women in one of my classes works for. -Education -Clean Water -Health & -Orphanage are the topics that she wants incoprperated into the logo... Im Stuck. I was thinking to use a graduation cap to symbolize education and a jug of water for clean water, maybe a red cross for health. But i am stuck on orphanage, and how to combine the 4. Any feedback, help, comments would be much appreciated. Thankyou, John
  4. Take One, Leave One

    Mac. ________ Automatic or Manual (Cars)
  5. Crossover 6.2.x and Counter-Strike: Source crashing

    I run CS:S and HL2 on my MBP with bootcamp...windows XP. First couple of times i have a similar problem, but it seemed to just go away. <3Playing CS on my Mac