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  1. Dual Monitor with GeForce 6600GT PCI-E

    Mh, even didn't get it work with Zeph-AMD-10.5.2 - can't you really help me?
  2. PC: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice (SSE3) Graphics: NVidia GeForce 6600 GT PCI-E with QE/CI supported but (still) no DualDisplay/DualMonitor Mobo: EPOX 9HEAI Rev 3 with VIA VT8237R Chipset Sound: Yes but without volume-control - after installing another kext fully working with volume-control Extra items selected during install: the newer ToH-Kernel, NVidia kexts, EFI-MBR-Bootloader Overall/Summary: Works as good as 10.5.1 by Zeph, but still no DualDisplay and still bootproblem (the "sometimes-boot") Thanks to Zeph for this Release, very nice!
  3. "Similiar" problem here: We are going backwards --> restart timing. We are going backwards --> restart timing. calibration failed with to attempts When I'm lucky, Leopard boot. If not so, it doesn't with this message. Sometimes also a kernel panic appears, but not very often. I would say, in 1 of 3 cases Leo boots... I've to be patient every time I boot ;-)
  4. Dual Monitor with GeForce 6600GT PCI-E

    Can't anyone help me with this? Or am I in the wrong subforum? Please make a noise ;-)
  5. Hey guys, a few days ago I've successfully installed Zephyroth's AMD Leopard (Athlon 3200) and I have a problem: My GeForce 6600GT has got one DVI and one VGA output. I've got two monitors: one 20" plugged in by DVI and one 19" plugged in by VGA. When I start with both monitors plugged in, he only uses the 19" (VGA) screen and "detect Monitors" doesn't help. When I've just plugged in the 20" (DVI) it uses the 20"-Screen. When I start the system with both monitors, move my mouse to "detect Monitors", plug the 19" (VGA) out and click, my 20" gets a signal and works. Seems, that my system can only use one monitor. Also it's shown only one monitor in the hardware-profiler (see attachment). But he prefers the the VGA-Monitor. I've right now installed Natit and the GeForce and NVidia stuff with my device id (I think). I also tried titan and NVInject, but nothing works. Can you help me? Greetings, Christian.
  6. Resolution problem on startup

    Hey guys, I'm completing my now working Mac OS 10.4.8, but it happend a little accident: I've got two monitors (20" about DVI, 19" about VGA). It worked only one screen, the 19", so I installed the nVidia-Package. All worked, I restarted, and I could change the resolution. But in this moment, I clicked accidentally on a not working resolution, so I got a screen by coloured lines and nothing was readable. I restarted the PC, but Tiger has saved the settings, so I don't know, how to change them again!? I tried with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32", but it doesn't change anything. On boot-up the white screen with the Apple logo appears on both screens, but on login it shows in the 20" a small grey square and the 19" shows for a few seconds the login normally, but then appear the coloured lines again. Can you please help me in this situation? Many greetings, Chris
  7. Hey guys, sorry, I found something here; http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...Drivers#Network alright ... ;-)
  8. Hey, nobody who know a kext for this? Please!
  9. Hey guys, short and precisely: I'm searching for a kext for VIA VT6102 II Fast Ethernet Adapter (onboard). Can you help me? Thanks, Chris P.s.: I've a fresh installed 10.4.8 by JaS P.p.s.: Is there something like a kext-search or similiar?
  10. Inject Kexts into Leopard DVD on Windows?

    Okay, what's about Linux? How can I inject kexts into my image on Linux?
  11. Inject Kexts into Leopard DVD on Windows?

    Does nobody know, how to inject kexts on windows? Chris
  12. Inject Kexts into Leopard DVD on Windows?

    Oh, okay. Thank you. And what's about the "Rev 2"? Is it already public? Zephyroth wrote me, in the next release there is a VIA-Driver included. So can I upgrade my DVD-Image or something like that?
  13. Hey Guys, I noticed, that my devices can't be detect, because of no drivers. So I searched in the Wiki and found a kext for VIA-Chips. My Problem: I have Windows Vista and only a Knoppix-Linux, so I don't know, how to inject the kexts in the image. Is there any tool or something? Thanks, Chris P.s.: I've got a NVidia 6600 GT, so should I also inject the NVidia-Kext?
  14. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Hm, ok. I sent a message to him. Let's hope that there is a way to use VIA-Chipset. Otherwise I spend a hole day for nothing ^^ Chris
  15. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Oh. Via K8T890 ... so will it run?