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  1. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    lol. Some people never change on here... On a side note, grateful for Lilu vit9696 - thank you for your hard work. EDIT: SavageAUS I'm not having a personal conversation with you/PMs I didn't even bother reading whatever you sent me I deleted it.
  2. Yep - latest BIOS - have tried defaults etc but as I was saying above it happens on certain chipsets when the controller kext initializes for the GPU - for instance if I load the system without QE/CI enabled, it works (Above 4G). With QE/CI enabled - it fails when initializing the video card (verbose)... can't seem to figure it. Have tried with UEFI / without. With Whateverkext / without. ATI inject on/off. DSDT/none/ Clover/ non. All patches / different arrangements etc. Kinda exhausting what to think of. Far as your motherboard and enabling Above 4G decoding is concerned goes. I'll explain. So - when you enable it in the UEFI what happens is - it then allows the support of the feature; but for it to actually work a couple other factors have to be met. 1) You'll need to manually raise the PCI latency timer to something above "32" in your UEFI unless yours does so automatically 2) You have PCI/PCI-E devices that actually support "Above 4G decoding" - meaning if you don't - it won't actually be enforced on any devices once the OS engages. That's all I meant by "moot point".
  3. Alright. What you expect me to do with that response? I already stated that the X99-A Raider doesn't have this issue. I know it's not a universal issue. - Do you read people's entire posts you quote or just spam threads? EDIT: Also the Geforce GTX 960 isn't even capable of Above 4G decoding so it's a moot point in the case of your system; you wouldn't even be able to test the issue without a pro-card.
  4. System in question - ASUS P9X79-E WS 32GB DDR3-2133 AMD FirePro W7000 Intel Core i7 4930K 240GB SSD / 3TB HDD macOS Sierra 10.12.6 I have everything working on this build via two custom SSDTs, minus the onboard ASM1042 3.0 controller which I have hard-disabled via the motherboard's UEFI and replaced via a SIG PCI-E ASM1142 3.1 controller add-on card which has native OS X driver support & works flawlessly. Here's the rub - whenever I enabled "Above 4G decoding" in the UEFI on this motherboard it works in Windows 10 fine but in OS X it hangs in boot at "PCI devices Configuration" - the system won't boot with the AMD controller kext initialized. I have a Broadwell-E build (6850K) - MSI X99-A Raider that has "Above 4G decoding" as an option. If I plug my FirePro into that machine running macOS 10.12.6 it boots OS X just fine. However I've chosen to stick with my Ivy-E build for now due to issues the Broadwell-E build has with Sleep/C-states at times in OS X - they work but intermittently they break. For instance after say 13 sleep/wakes on the X99 machine - there is a chance it will reset the machine entirely and begin a fresh boot-up sequence. It's weird...Is there anyway I can patch Clover/the OS X system to Force 4G decoding on the X79 build? Am I missing something? A patch I can apply to the DSDT? An ACPI Table I should drop? I am grasping at straws I rarely post so posting is like a last resort believe me. Additional Info - I'm using no ATI injector/running Whatevergreen.kext (allows working sleep and complete DP recognition + etc) Tried FirePro's UEFI BIOS with and without (legacy mode) Have tried npci=0x2000/0x3000 , Inserting Clover driver "EmuVariableEFI" with and without. All current CloverConfigurator patches with and without. -Have also added my current EFI folder to this post. Any/all help greatly appreciated! I am very certain this pertains somehow to how the system handshakes with the videocard - not sure why it differs between this X79 & why the X99 build I have is allowing it on OS X. EFI.zip
  5. Thanks fabiosun ! Been banging my head against the keyboard a little with this one... Had made some changes since posting made a little headway removed the x79 kexts (like youd said) will make all the other changes you have mentioned. I really appreciate the help. -KS
  6. Still having issues - and it's a work in progress (current build is my signature) but I've been able to access the OS off of a Ext HD (after disabling SIP - via rec partition after install process) and boot to a working installer USB thumbdrive. - Posted EFI .zip contains all my working files that have gotten me this far including the latest copy of clover I'm using and I've also attached a copy of my patched kernel I'm using that got me into the system (with my 6850K). I should note I've only been using one core and no EIST, no turbo, no power management features no C-states. However I've been able to leave overclocking enabled without issues so far. I should note that sometimes I have to system reset to boot as sometimes I can and sometimes I can't boot into the system (from bootloader) I receive "Couldn't allocate runtime area" errors ... anyways - hopefully others in the community can add to or take away from some of these files and perhaps it will help. [Kernel Download] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxGWV7xOKUSQa3R6akVmTV9QeW8/view?usp=sharing EFI.zip
  7. Solved, Installed 10.9.5 which worked without issue natively, installed the Logitech support / driver software for OS X from their website then installed Yosemite on top of this all as an upgrade. (Had to use strictly the keyboard in installer mode) After installing, booted up Yosemite and voila! full mouse functionality clicking and all.... f***** weird. Anyways. Solved, feel free to close this.
  8. So doing a Yosemite build for someone with the following specs. - Motherboard - ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 CPU - AMD FX 4350 RAM - 8GB DDR3-1600 GPU - GTX 660 Mouse & Keyboard are Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop Y‑RAJ56A (http://support.logitech.com/product/cordless-internet-pro-desktop) It's using a USB&PS2 based connection for the wireless receiver/power. Installer USB made using a certain tool from a source I shall not name *cough cough Tony cough* with 10.10.0 and kernel revo xnu-2782.20.48 by Spakk from here (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302075-amd-yosemite-kernel-testing-for-help-use-the-help-topic/page-75?do=findComment&comment=2165020) Boot Flags I'm using are ( npci=0x2000 , -no-zp , kext-dev-mode=1 , USBBusFix=Yes ) and UseKernelCache=No I have loaded VoodooPS2.kext in my extra folder to no avail. My Problem, Once the Yosemite Installer loads I can use the keyboard, but not the buttons of the wireless USB mouse. I can move the cursor and utilizing key commands etc get the installer to run but cannot click on anything with the mouse. Any suggestions?
  9. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    Hate to revive an old topic, I would have sent a pm, but it said it was not possible... Hi, I noticed you'd patched AppleBCM5701 for Lion, to work with 16 93. Can this be made to work with 16 b1? I tried swapping out 93 16 for b1 16 but to no avail, It shows up in the network prefpane and seems to get assigned an ip, but won't connect. I've tried editing the original 10.7 kext *ionetworking>applebcm5701* from scratch but all attempts result in some weird link error during boot... I realize you're a very busy individual but if you ever have the time to check this out it'd be much appreciated, or even just steering me in the right direction would be much appreciated too; I hate to ask for 'freebies' esp since you're not getting paid for your work. Kind regards, ks
  10. Hi hopefully someone knows how to fix this.... I'm running a 3930K @ 4.2GHz 24/7 OC stable, with the ASRock X79 Extreme4, I've got full graphics (2 470s) working 100%, audio, ethernet, firewire, esata, etc for all intents and purposes a fully functioning hack except for nativepowermanagement (like everyone else wth sandy bridge e) and for some odd reason I can't boot successfully with more than one core active, or HT for that matter. So, is there anyone else that's had this issue and knows how to resolve it? Because all I can do right now is boot with only one core enabled in the BIOS, the cpus=1 flag doesn't work, I have to literally disable all other cores to run OS X. (10.7.3)
  11. Performance question

    mod/admin, just delete this thread, it's dead anyways.
  12. Performance question

  13. Performance question

    Just a quick question for those who've been hacking w/th the Fermi chips. Getting back into the scene and wanted to know where I stand perf. wise. I'll be using Adobe CS, Autocad, etc... doing transcoding, rendering, etc... regarding that where do I stand for the best desktop graphics solution? I'm not interested in workstation gpus, just the desktop chip out there with the best track record for perf. (in hackintosh comm.) If that's an ATI gpu, by all means throw that info out there too. In short what's the best in terms of native support (or closest too), etc... price isn't an object here.
  14. new dsdt posted...I'll work on modifying the gpu entry as well now, and getting sleep to not break restart, everything else seems fine after that ...