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  1. Good to know, many thanks for the info !
  2. Do we know the minimum CPU instructions requirement ? Are core2duo or 2008 Xeon supported ?
  3. CrashMidnick

    Mojave MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Patching telemetry.plugin does not work anymore with 10.14.3. Replacing original one from 10.13.6 worked.
  4. CrashMidnick

    Mojave :: Budget Video cards

    You can add GT 640.
  5. CrashMidnick

    How to disable pci-e lanes 2 and 3 on Asus 370-E

    Many thanks, it is working Could you please tell me what you modified ? I would like to be able to do it myself for my other build and for my father's computer rather than to ask you each time Cheers.
  6. CrashMidnick

    How to disable pci-e lanes 2 and 3 on Asus 370-E

    Here you go mate Please note that there is a patched PM SSDT for my overclocked CPU. Send me pc18.home.zip
  7. CrashMidnick

    How to disable pci-e lanes 2 and 3 on Asus 370-E

    How did you do that ? I want to do the same for mine (disable GTX 1060 and use only RX580). Thanks !
  8. CrashMidnick

    Mojave and SSE4.2 instructions

    Thanks for your reply !!
  9. Hello, I have an old hack with a X5460/LGA 775 mod. This CPU lacks SSE4.2 instructions. Is that mandatory to have CPU with SS4.2 instruction to install Mojave ? Thanks.
  10. CrashMidnick

    Strange graphic glitches

    No fix, I was pretty sure that your GFX card was a 660(ti). Solutions : stick with Sierra or buy a new GFX card. I had a GTX660 and I bought a GTX770 (50€) which works great with High sierra. Some people said that they solved the problem by enabling iGPU but I did not check myself and it seems that it does not work for everybody...
  11. CrashMidnick

    Strange graphic glitches

    What is your graphic card ?
  12. Patché par clover aussi, marche impec. 1 problème de réglé. Cool ce fofo ! Merci les gars.
  13. CrashMidnick

    Nvidia EVGA GTX660 and High Sierra

    Hi skykeeper, Do you have the glitches with the final version with your gtx 660 ? Thanks.
  14. Apparemment, je n'ai pas vérifié, mais avec le AppleAHCIport d'origine et si tu désactives le hot plug pour les DD dans ton bios, cela devrait fonctionner aussi donc pas de souci pour les prochaines MAJ.
  15. J'ai essayé ton Kext... ça marche !!! LOL Un GRAND merci ! Je n'arrive pas à y croire... mes partitions se sont montées direct.