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  1. Muchas gracias camillionario!! tengo la Titan V xutando en Macos!
  2. Hi, anybody can reupload Nvidia Web Driver - 387. pkg file, please?! have a Titan V and seems the driver has Volta support GV100Hal.kext.. NV https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387. is broken @fantomas1 do you have it in your hard drive? thanks!
  3. can anybody post prepatched WebDriver-387. for 10.13.4beta? I can't seem to generate correct pkg with Nvidia Payload Packager.. also good would be prepatched older 378 driver from 10.12.2 that seems to work too..
  4. oscarbg

    ASrock Z170 Extreme4+ + i5 6600k

    are you sure integrated graphics are working? can you check tools like OpenGL extensions viewer o post a screenshoot "About this Mac" info clicking on the Apple logo on the upper menu.. or tools like Unigine Heaven or Luxmark for OpenCl acceleration.. also post Metal if it's working?
  5. not correct the HDMI 2.0 connector is using Megachips MCDP28x0 LSPCON so perhaps doesn't require a specific driver..
  6. So I understand you got IGPU in Skylake working already (OpenCL and Metal support also working?) what versión you need 10.11.1? 10.11.2 brings improvements? Also plan on buying a Gigabyte Gaming 7 with HDMI2.0 chip builtin and remember wasn't working with motherboard launch and required a new Intel iGPU Windows driver released later.. do you expect Mac drivers support this HDMI2.0 chip so we can get 4k 4:4:4 60hz support from Intel iGPU using this HDMI 2.0 port? thanks..
  7. Now that people start getting working Skylake setups can anyone get working Intel HD 530 (Skylake iGPU) on OSX 10.11? can you upload some GFXBench, Compubench, Luxmark, Unigine Heaven results to compare to Windows driver?
  8. Two things: Has anyone get Skylake graphics working I see they get named "HD 7000" on DPCI Manager.. In https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/os-x-10-11-1-beta-4-adds-skylake-support/ seems there is an enabler (?)-> AppleIntelGraphicsFramebuffer.sh and added support for the Intel Skylake processor graphics Would be nice to see graphics tests of Intel HD530 on GFXbench for Mac and also on upcoming GFXBench Metal for Mac and Compubench Metal (both coming soon from Kishonti seems) Second regarding SATA issues can anyone confirm if working with a NVMe drive like Intel 750 series or a NVMe variant of SM951? this would also confirm working NVMe devices for Mac first time, right?
  9. oscarbg

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Hi, apart from OpenCL not detected seems no support for Flash GPU hardware video decoding (Apple GPU hadware video decoding API returns error)so will go through CPU.. Also CUVID library doesn't work seems.. For that I publish here three binaries for testing all of this: please install at least 256.01 driver and CUDA driver 3.2.17 see README: APPLE GPU SUPPORT TESTS ================== *Tests GPU OCL device detected ->run: ./oclgpudev *Test GPU has Apple hardware video decoding API support (Apple VDA API) (will be used in Flash for example) ->run: ./vdatest *Tests NVCUVID support ./cuvid.sh Please post console output of all apps! Example output for Fermi GPU: ./oclgpudev Num platforms 1 Platform 0 Apple num gpu devices:0 OCL GPU not detected! ./vdatest Status :-12470 kVDADecoderNoErr = 0 kVDADecoderHardwareNotSupportedErr = -12470 kVDADecoderFormatNotSupportedErr = -12471 kVDADecoderConfigurationError = -12472 kVDADecoderDecoderFailedErr = -12473 returns kVDADecoderHardwareNotSupportedErr doesn't work! cuvid.sh tests.zip
  10. Please change __kernel void vectorAdd( __global const float * a, __global const float * b, __global float * c) { // Vector element index int loop; int test1; int nIndex = get_global_id(0); for (loop=1; loop< 1000; loop++) { c[nIndex] = a[nIndex] + b[nIndex]; c[nIndex] = c[nIndex] * (a[nIndex] + b[nIndex]); c[nIndex] = c[nIndex] * (a[nIndex] / 2.0 ); } } to use float4 sould use vector units on CPU (SSE) and ATI (improve perf 4x) also should imporve meory fetches on ATI GPUs (optimized for float4).. If you are brave enough use float8 (hey it shold be ready for Sandy Bridge AVX extensions) or more brave enough to float16 (hey ready for Larrabe).. and loop 250 times: also loop=1; loop< 1000; only exectues 1000-1 times __kernel void vectorAdd( __global const float4 * a, __global const float4 * b, __global float4 * c) { // Vector element index int loop; int test1; int nIndex = get_global_id(0); for (loop=0; loop< 250; loop++) { c[nIndex] = a[nIndex] + b[nIndex]; c[nIndex] = c[nIndex] * (a[nIndex] + b[nIndex]); c[nIndex] = c[nIndex] * (a[nIndex] / 2.0 ); } }