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    Apple Wired Keyboard USB port power

    @kdtt Thanks for delving into this! I have no idea how to edit this in a DSDT though.
  2. Hi, I have an Apple Wired Keyboard with the USB ports. Problem is that they don't give a lot of power to the connected devices although the USB ports on my Hack do have the ability to power everything. For Windows7 there is a fix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8kVWy8Qf7A Is there a way to do the same in OSX by editing some plist file or something?
  3. Hey guys just wanna inform you that the latest update to 10.6.5 has enabled mirror display without using NVEnabler with display-cfg edits. I can just use Chameleon Graphics Enabler now.
  4. Reinstalled WoodyHDA and OpenHaltRestart.kext and everything works as before again. Too bad about the extra kext; the idea of using DSDT was that I wouldn't need it, but if it works it works!
  5. Updated to 10.6.5, boots fine, but has problems shutting down and restarting now...
  6. Ok, I now found out that when booting from my HD but using the bootcd to load Chameleon it still uses the Extensions.mkext on Extra on the HD, but it uses the DSDT.aml from the cd. So that's why Mirror Display still works as it's caused by NVEnabler.kext inside the Extensions.mkext on the HD. Question is if the different Sleep behaviour can be caused by GE=yes and NVEnabler being used at the same time?
  7. Hmmm, having some trouble here. When I install the Chameleon RC3 /boot the computer hangs when booting on one of the Yukon lan ports.
  8. @314Ter I've been testing some things to see if I can fix my Sleep problem. I messed some things up and booted from your bootcd. I noticed that it makes Mirror Display work without NVEnabler.kext. So I tested Sleep as well and now it gets interesting. I can put the computer to sleep and when I press a key on the keyboard it doesn't wake but restarts. I guess this could be because of a different DSDT.aml. After some digging in the bootcd I noticed that it uses Chameleon RC3 with GraphicsEnabler=yes. The install package however installs Chameleon RC4. Am I correct to assume that that is the only difference between booting from the cd and the situation after installing your package on my HD and booting from that?
  9. @woody01 Your kext works fine here!
  10. Thanks for the pointers 314TeR! I'll try different options and report back here.
  11. @ woody01 In 314TeR's guide it is mentioned that when you have a 65nm CPU you need a dump of a 25xx/26xx BIOS for Speedstep to work. So that's why I made the 2602 DSDT dump. Afterwards I have updated the BIOS to 3001. Also I made sure I have the same BIOS settings from 314TeR's guide. Altering my DSDT with the dump info did make a difference; I can shutdown and restart correctly now. I feel I have missed something in my DSDT file. I don't have problems Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler; it's just that I use NVEnabler because this lets me use Mirror Display and GraphicsEnabler doesn't. I'll try to look up the Device (PCI0) entry in my DSDT and change it.
  12. Now that I fixed Mirror Display, the final item on my to fix list is Sleep. I have made my own DSDT file and shutdown works fine but sleep makes my machine sleep but I can't wake it up totally. I can hear the disks and fans spinning up but the keyboard and displays don't work. I attached a dump of an 2602 Bios DSDT. Also I have added the DSDT file I altered from 314TeR. Maybe I made an error? Can someone help me please and maybe take a look? dsdt_dump.dsl.zip dsdt_altered.dsl.zip
  13. Ah, I never tested anything else than normal output. The problem with the 10.6.4 AppleHDA.kext is that it's now hardcoded to one specific Realtek chipset I believe. Using the vanilla 10.6.4 AppleHDA.kext breaks the sound on the P5W.
  14. I'll test this kext soon, but I have one question. Does this kext have any advantages over using the 10.6.2 kext that works already?
  15. Hey guys, Just wanted to mention I got Mirror Display working using NVEnabler with display-cfg files!