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    Installer's Disk Utility cannot see my HD

    Hey everyone, thanks for the help! That config.plist didn't work for me, but somehow, starting over with the process made it work. Solved
  2. yperomatik

    Getting rebooting after a error screen.

    Try NullCPUPowerManagment.kext
  3. yperomatik

    [Aiuto] Problemi di avvio installazione

    Prova con NullCPUPowerManagment.kext
  4. yperomatik

    Eliminare Recovery HD

    Usi Clover?
  5. yperomatik

    Installer's Disk Utility cannot see my HD

    I used createinstallmedia on a a hfs partition and then clover on FAT32 partition in the same USB drive. WHat is SATA controller option in BIOS? I don't think I have it
  6. yperomatik

    Installer's Disk Utility cannot see my HD

    Thanks yes to both questions. That's why I'm groping in the dark right now. If I manage to get most of it working, I will be happy tomake a guide
  7. Hello everyone! I am trying to install El Capitan 10.11.4 on my laptop Asus X751LX using Clover. I managed to succesfully reach the install with no problems, but when I go to Disk Utility in order to prepare my HD, it simply isn't on the list. The only drive it sees is the usb I'm using as installer. Here are my PCI devices: And this is what I see when I do "diskutil list" in terminal I attach my EFI folder with config.plist inside and other stuff. Any Ideas? EFI.zip