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  1. Yay! The fix worked for me, thanks! Now I'm more comfortable about wiping my last computer (whose motherboard has been dying for the last year) -- iTunes was the last main issue with migrating from my 2016 Hackintosh (that's still running 10.11.4).
  2. Great! I'll bee able to try the fix in a day or so.
  3. OK, at least there seems to be a common culprit. Now, for someone who knows something about how this all works to find a solution. (That's not me.)
  4. On another forum, it looks like everyone affected by this is using the MacPro6,1 SMBios. Are you using that one, too? I selected it because that's what worked to solve the QuickLook / Preview viewing problem with .JPG files.
  5. I have a fairly new system and was trying to get things migrated over, and iTunes is crashing about 7-8 seconds after opening. Audio does work (through QuickLook, VLC), and so far this is the only issue I've noticed (except hot plugging of USB devices seems to cause a kernel panic ... that's a separate issue?). I did a fair amount of internet searching on this issue and can't find anyone having it in Mojave, 10.14.x, so that's why I'm posting a new thread. The big issue that seems to have fixed the problem for people in the past is to use a kernel extension named "Shiki," but that is now part of WhateverGreen. I do have the latest version of WhateverGreen (April 9, 2019 - v1.2.8 - as of this post), so that doesn't seem to be a fix. When I say this is a "fairly new system," from an iTunes standpoint it's a completely new system. Nothing in the library, and I made doubley sure and deleted everything in my ~/ directory and sub-directories that had iTunes in it to make sure that wasn't the issue. I also tried to limit any internet activity to it by blocking all connections in Little Snitch, then just pulling the ethernet plug, but it still crashed. Another person's fix of trying to play something in it on startup, and another's of trying to close the main window on the application's startup also did not fix the crash issue. And trying to add the shikivga=1 flag at startup also didn't fix things (if it would do anything anyway since it's part of WhateverGreen?). I tried putting the AppleALC.efi in my drivers, still crashed. Here's the dump of the Report that it would send to Apple, up to where it starts listing thread-by-thread what was going on: Suggestions? I'm hesitant now to update my old Hackintosh from 10.11.4 to 10.13.6 (NVIDIA GPU) if I can't get iTunes working on this computer.
  6. astroguy

    X299 WU8 with Intel Core i9-9980XE

    Would any of you who got the i9-9980 chip working be willing to post your EFI folder? After a lot of experimentation, I got macOS 10.14.4 to install, but it's very unstable, to the point of not being usable. I suspect that I cobbled together too many fixes from various people so things are interfering with each other.
  7. astroguy

    X299 WU8 with Intel Core i9-9980XE

    Thanks. Looking up VRM ... okay, voltage regulator module. As I do plan to overclock a bit (not something crazy like take a 3GHz up to 5, but more like see if I can get away with consistent 3.5-3.8 with all cores firing, since Turbo on 1 is 4.4 GHz), maybe this is something I need to pay attention to. However, doing a search on NewEgg for compatible motherboards that also have Thunderbolt 3 capabilities leaves me at only one option.
  8. astroguy

    X299 WU8 with Intel Core i9-9980XE

    If you're still watching the thread ... can I ask what you folks use this setup for? And verify that you really truly surely got everything working except native sleep, and the wireless connections native to the motherboard (but you have alternatives that do work)? I am looking at building two of these and running Unix for work (with work money) but I am considering building another for home and trying to do a Hackintosh system for it. Purpose is a huge amount of planetary image processing. This is the build I was looking at: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6YGhHh It primarily differs in the motherboard, which I was looking at because I don't need all the PCIE slots but need support for faster RAM and multiple M.2 slots.
  9. Wow, sorry, for some reason I completely forgot about this thread and haven't figured out how to turn on e-mail notifications. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look into it more and probably buy today. If Apple and NVIDIA aren't getting along, I'd rather go with AMD in general just in case Apple decides to pull support. And for mid-range cards, it looks like AMD can get me a bit better performance for a given price point. Oh, and when I wrote that I don't need anything fancy, I do occasionally like to play Civ VI. So a capable card would be nice. There's a tiny, tiny possibility that I'll be getting into some machine learning code for planetary feature identification that runs on GPUs, but if that happens I'll be getting a $1k GPU, so that's an entirely separate discussion
  10. Sapphire Nitro and Powercolor Red Devil ... 590? Doing a quick internet search says they come in both 580 and 590. Also, it sounds like I should probably upgrade to 10.14.2 before buying.
  11. Hi Folks. I have a Hackintosh I built in the middle of the summer but I've been holding off on making it my main computer and even installing a GPU since I've been mainly using it to run code for work (that requires OS X). I'm running 10.13.6 on it but do plan in the near-ish future to upgrade to 10.14. Reading some about Apple's apparently contentious relationship with NVIDIA, I found out that they are not offering native NVIDIA graphics support in 10.14, so I figured I may as well, when shopping for a GPU for this, go with AMD. I don't need anything fancy, but I'd like to get something that will last several years. (My main Hackintosh is running on an NVIDIA 970, still.) I'm looking at the AMD RX 590. I did some searching on here and did not find any obvious support, nor a large number of success stories (found one), but neither did I find a large number of problems (two, I think). So before I plop down $270, can y'all tell me if this is a generally well supported card in macOS and the Hackintosh world?
  12. A final update: The computer has been running continuously for about two weeks now, though I will need to replace the motherboard, I got an RMA and will be replacing the RAM, while I'm replacing the motherboard I might as well replace the CPU (upgrade), and because of what might have happened, I'll be replacing the PSU. What I think happened: A surge in the motherboard, either due to a fault in it or the PSU, blew out the connector to the CPU pump, and the CPU pump. It also blew out one or two RAM slots and at least one of the RAM modules. Replacing the CPU cooler worked, once I moved the hookups around, and going back to my original RAM before my upgrade has allowed the computer to run without crashing, though the OS thinks half the RAM is used up upon startup which is why I think the RAM sockets are also borked.
  13. Okay, it shut down at 4pm today and would not boot. RAM check cycling on the motherboard, then 00 and 19 (CPU and RAM, per before). Took all new RAM out, put in old, same thing. Then worked in single-module mode. Worked in dual. And ... then worked in quad. However, 17GB is taken up by "Wired" memory, instead of ~3GB per usual. Now I'm starting to wonder if there was that motherboard surge and it fried not only the old CPU cooler pump, but also fried one of the RAM slots. Here's the kernel panic report this time:
  14. The computer was still going when I got home, but about 10 minutes ago, it froze and restarted and booted fine. I finally captured the report that Apple generates: