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  1. I have the most unusual setup in the world right now and I can't even get to the point of beginning the installation of high sierra. My setup is: Asus ROG Strix B250F Motherboard G3930 Celeron Kaby Lake 4 GB DDR4 ADATA ASUS ROG GTX 1070 8 GB SSD 120 GB Kingston A400 I made the setup using a macbook air and downloaded the high sierra from the store. Used disk utility to format the usb drive and then copied the high sierra using the command line. After finishing I installed clover on the EFI partition. Made the default BIOS setup like load optimzied default, enabled virtualisation, etc. The usb boots but the screen doesnt have the install mac os high sierra option, only the UEFI SHELL 64, Clover Boot options, Options, About clover, Restart and Exit Clover. Anybody can help me with this monster of a computer (in a bad way)? Thanks!