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  1. hey, thanks for chiming in... an no, the default driver of macos never caused issues (other than being slow/jerky)
  2. Hi folks, Not a hackintosh question, but maybe you experts can help me. I have been using the web driver on my 2012MBP (Geforce 650M) for a long time, but not without issues... which started at 'sierra' and kept going at first it would crash (kernel panic), but with this latest updates the problem changed (for the better) - instead of crashing it starts 'glitching' (screen artifacts) then the window server (or whatever that is called on osx) dies and takes me back to login screen - works fine when I log back in (for a while). Feels like somehting is getting corrupted in the driver code and the UI restart fixes it. Ideas on how to make it better (except reverting to the vanilla driver, that performs like arse esp. on 2D accel). One thing that might be contributing to this is that I use windows 10 VM on Fusion with accel enabled (because without accel it performs like arse too
  3. hd4000 has metal... at least on real macs
  4. sip is supposed to be disabled by clover itself on hackintosh... check your .plist
  5. b0fh

    Abilitar VGA no Sierra

    depende da vga... meu notebook hp ela funciona sem ter q fazer nada. deve ser uma vga fake (adaptador interno)
  6. what did the trick for me was to use [com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4360] as the driver name instead of [AirPortBrcm4360] got this tip from RehabMan himself!
  7. b0fh

    HP zBook 15u G2 (Broadwell)

    never tried vodooHDA. actually I keep the audio device(s) disabled in BIOS because having them enabled prevent sleep, hangs and needs a 'shutoff'. making it work properly will likely require more DSDT patching as well.
  8. do you have a windows partition? booting windows usually cures the amber light in my zBook. Actually it was mandatory the first time, after changing the card (intel to DW1560) radio would not power up in OSX until I booted windows 7, god knows why. I suppose the windows driver cleaned some pipes in the BIOS . fixed the light/button as well.
  9. b0fh

    VGA on Hackintosh

    nothing at all, it just works. i suspect it may not be a 'real' VGA port but some internal hack that clones/converts the signal from displayPort... just speculation of course. not complaining tough DP out in this laptop is in a horrid location, rear-right corner interfering BADLY with mouse usage (other ports that side as well like power/ethernet and 2 USB , but oh well at least ethernet and pwr are further to the back. VGA is in the middle of the left side, a perfect location to attach such a cable. It's even surprising that this zbook has the VGA anyway, as it is one of those 'slim' ones that huge connector spreads across the whole height and looks weird
  10. b0fh

    VGA on Hackintosh

    one more 'me too!' hp zbook broadwell, HD 5500, el cap 10.11.5, VGA out works just fine. that was kind of unexpected
  11. b0fh

    HP zBook 15u G2 (Broadwell)

    you mean this file from linux/alsa, right? (attached). I read about this audio injection thing but I must confess it kind of eludes me forgot to mention something probably important about the hack itself, the SMBIOS is for 13" macbook air mid-2013, as weird as it seems it was the one that worked best, and I think that MBA is haswell not broadwell. codec#0.txt
  12. Just in case someone cares or considers this laptop 10.11.5 currently, updated from 10.11.4 using appstore without a hitch; "Everything" works except the radeon switched card, expected. Onboard audio is not working on mine but it could work, I just don't care and disabled it in BIOS. When I need audio I use BT or USB headphones. Had to swap the wifi card (intel) for a dell dw1560 (same as bcm94352). What works : sleep / wake all usb ports (no patch was needed) battery (manually patched DSDT) HD5500 video (patched drivers in clover .plist). VGA out works, DisplayPort not tested yet. wireless (fakepciid) bluetooth (brcmpatchram2 + brcmfirmwarerepo) keyboard and trackpad (vodoops2controller), even 3-finger gestures work, its almost like a mac (except it is not haha) backlight (ACPIBacklight + DSDT patch) ethernet (AppleIntelE1000e) handoff (patch driver using wireless_bcm94352_110-v4.0c.command) very stable, no KPs yet (well, I had two but it was my fault as I was messing with bluetooth using BT explorer) - none on normal usage. laptop details: Broadwell Core i7 - 5600u @ 2.60GHz 16GB RAM (DDR3 1600) 256GB pciE SSD (sandisk) 1TB SATA HDD (added myself, there's a drive bay) Graphics intel HD5500, full HD 1920x1080 display 4 usb ports, ethernet, DisplayPort out, vga out, sd card reader (never tried, maybe it works maybe not) all things considered, a very capable machine. using it for 'production'. only minor annoyance currently is that the partitions on the SSD (which is the boot disk) show as external/removable. cheers
  13. Hi all. new here. When you say 'zbook' I imagine not every zbook right? I just made a hackintosh of a zbook 15u g2 (broadwell/hd5500) manually, it is working ok-ish except for anything ACIP related (sleep/battery/etc even shutdown need to reboot always). don't suppose this tool can help with that, or can it? (this is my first osx86 install). I know stuff can be made to work by patching ACPI DSDT but guess I'm too old for that and have bad memories from back in the day I tried running linux on pentium 4 laptops cheers