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    Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    sry for the noob post but just had one question before i have to leave for work. I havent had to run a osx86 installer since iatkos 1.0i. I recently had to get rid of the external usb hdd which i had it and sidux linux on and im reinstalling using iatkos v7. My question is for use vostro users has a fix been found so that for x3100 we can install the the drivers and run everything without having to setup the pc using the second moniter trick. as i had just recently installed iatkos and booted for the first time and got the music sounding from first boot but a black screen.(nice to see sound workign though sigmatel 9205 had no support for a while) I had only selected the x3100 efi loader string and the first x3100 driver.(not the x3100 p one) i plan on reinstalling uses both the x3100 and p drivers. to test and see if that gets it workign properly. If anyone has any suggestions for setting it up without the second monitor help would be appreciated. and before anyone says read the thread i'll read it when i get off work but its kinda hard to sort through everything when most of it was from 3-4 years ago.
  2. I have both enabled and i got the bar working what I need someone to direct me to a thread for the sleep kernel/shutdown fix for hackintosh and will installing the sleep kernel affect my acipplatform.kext cause I need to have the battery power management for my laptop . plus I have speed step on and configured and if I have to switch to a stock acipplatform kext I will be screwed.
  3. marcx987

    Take One, Leave One

    Bruce Lee CHuck Norris or arnold swarchenegger
  4. Your right it was a stupid question(jk) But seriously I state that i am in 10.5.1 in the posts. i would have said after I upgraded to 10.5.2 if I had did it. I wouldn't be using 10.5.1 kexts in 10.5.2. Last time I did it killed my system and I had to reinstall.
  5. If somebody could tell me where the menu bar file is kept and what is name is. I had a translucent bar when I installed leopard 10.5.1 and it was there till I tried to get find a fix for the X3100 so you don't have to do the sleep trick at boot up (almost got it to work had it boot up once with everything on qe/ci on and it not turn the internal display off.) but after messing around with it a few more times my menu bar went back to the greyish tint. and qe/ci disabled themselves. I tried restoring the kexts from a time machine backup i made after the first bootup and got qe/ci up and running along with transparent menus/ripple affect/time machine/etc. but the menu bar is still the same. Is there a specific file in mac os x that has the tranclucent menu turned on so i can backup that file. Also can somebody direct me to the thread about fixing sleep/shutdown for leopard 10.5.1 for those not using the stock kernel or acipplatform.kext(can't use them cause the mess up battery meter and speedstep) And for those that like to play Warcraft 3 and other warcraft games there is a way to play on the X3100 and get around the display gping black problems. start the game up use apple + m to get it to windowed mode. go to the options. change the display to you desktop and it will run perfectly after that.(X3100Frame buffer kext won't effect the resoulution so the display doesn't get turned off.)
  6. Yo kabyl. Hows the whole dell bios unfixable thing going. ANy hope in site(if it has been fixed sry too lazy to go through any more thread pages tonight) if you need any help I would be more than ableged. plus I have a dell to test it on and even if i have a bad flash I can fix it.
  7. marcx987

    Dell 1395 wireless

    Does anybody know if the Dell 1395 mini wireless card is working on leopard. I try adding my dev id to it 43e4:4315 but nothing shows up at all. if there was a thread for this and i missed it sry. and non of the bcm43xx installers and all that jazz work for me.
  8. marcx987


    Thats not interesting at all. Of he does it should be challenging. like putting on the first veriosn of windows and a wholle bunch of stuff. too many linux partitons will just make things easier.
  9. The fastest way to dual boot Xp and leopard is to 1. use live cd(or any program that allows you to resize partitons) and resize your windows partition into 2.(only needs to be done if you didn't already set aside space on HD for mac osx) 2.In windows, use the run prompt and put in "diskpart" 3.Type "list disk"disk" Type "select disk (number)" (choose the disk that you want to install on) "create partition primary id=af" (if you want to set the a size just add it in MBs Size=###) "list partition" "select partition" (which ever one was just created) "active" 4.Reboot into the mac osx install disk. under utilities go to disk utility. use it to reformat the af partition to mac os extended(you can have it journaled or regular it doesn't matter) 5.Install mac os to disk you just made. not for getting to go into the customize menu before the install and choose the boot loader and patches that best suit your system. 6.After the install is finished go to disk utlity again.(if you dvd drive doesn't read that fast and your worried about it restarting. click the menu tp the right of utlities and click on log. while log is up timer doesn't go down) 7.On the disk that you just installed run repair disk permissions. 8.Reboot. it will now be using the bootloader that you choose when you installed. and it will have choices like disk0s1(windows install) and disk0s2 (leopard install) from there boot into leopard and everything should be working. The process takes about 30 minutes depending on how fast the install disk loads and installs. sreformatting the disk in windows tasks all of 2 minutes max.)
  10. marcx987

    from dual boot to single

    For you the fastest way is to get a external HD split it into two partitions(one for ntfs, only needs to be as big as the stuff your backing up, and one for use with time machine) Once you have both partitions set up use timemachine to back up all OSX and in Vista backup all that you need. Once the backups are complete load your OSX install cd. Use the disk utility to reformat the disk into one partiton Then using the option install from time machine backup get OSX back. Everything should be as it was. If anyting should go wrong come back here.
  11. I have a triple booting Dell Vostro 1500. OS: Windows XP SP2(black XP), Sidux(linux), Leopard 10.5.1/10.5.2(few kexts got messed up in update going back if can't fix them) With Grub loader(easiest to get all the Oss together and booting unless your using vista) On all the OSs I have just about everything working cept for internal mic on osx and firewire on sidux If anybody needs a guide for this type laptop just pm me. I would list it here but is lengthy and a pain to do over again.
  12. marcx987

    Demonoid Back Online!

    wow you won't beileve how much can change in so little time. I should be on the internet more. Account still isn't working will try again some other time
  13. marcx987

    Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    For everybody that has a Dell Vostro 1500/1700/etc try this to get sound working. 1)Using AppleHDAPatcherv1.20: patch with a codec dump of audio 9205.(This doesn't have to be dumed using linux. I will provide one with this post to use) 2)Download AppleHDA.kext(which ever one will work. go through post 50-150 for many versions to see if any will work) and Kext Helper b7. 3)Using Kext Helper b7 replace the AppleHDA.kext 4)Reboot 5)When You reboot your media V-up/down and , the mute should work depending on the kext you used. I have done this over and over again to get sound after reinstalling. The only thing that isn't working is the internal mic. Other than my sleep not working my laptop runs really well. For those with WIFI problems go get a dell 1505 wireless-n minicard for your laptop will work automatically with installed I080211Family.kext To get any of the other unsupported cards to work will require a lot of time and playing to get the driver to actually load. Stac9205.txt(dump of audio codec) Kext_Helper_b7.zip AppleHDAPatcherv1.20.zip AppleHDA.kext_2.zip(Kext file also known as AppleHDA.kext version3 of paulo's ones)
  14. marcx987

    Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    iwantsound44 did you use a the kext replacer used earlier? If you didn't use that on the 3rd kext file and it should work just make sure to repair disk permissions
  15. marcx987

    Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    Iwantsound44 to get the mute working got to post 130 download the 3rd kext file install it and the mute should work. as for sleep what is the problem with it does it not sleep at all or not come back from sleep