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    Bernardo415 reacted to uzmi in Error al crear USB catalina   
    Esa imagen tiene dos config.plist, prueba a usar la segunda.
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    Bernardo415 reacted to surfcaster in Error al crear USB catalina   
    yo .... soy vago, no es por alzaimer es por desorden de ideas y demasiada información, recurro a algo ya hecho, digas Olarila/Maldon o alguna otra herramienta de las que suele haber en este mismo foro o el de Chris111 y al primer problema vuelvo a lo tradicional, hacerlo a mano, como siempre, nunca falla y desde hace ya unas cuantas generaciones tampoco lleva demasiados problemas, restaurar/copiar la imagen al USB, sustituir una carpeta en una ruta por otra del mismo nombre pero de otra ruta y instalarle Clover con mis kexts y DSDT de toda la vida y ....... funciona
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    Bernardo415 reacted to ierhu in Error al crear USB catalina   
    si vas a crear una usb booteable para un maquina apple recuerda renombra de mybvolumen a usb sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Catalina.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/usb
    si deseas utilizar la usb para una maquina no apple
    necesitas clover o chamaleon. ya sea si utilizas uefi o vanilla
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    Bernardo415 reacted to iCanaro in [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.5   
    test... copy & paste 
    devices --> properties
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    Bernardo415 got a reaction from c1ru in Error de instalación catalina 10.15.2   
    Buenas, ya he solucionado el problema con copiar a la carpeta parched SSDT-EC.aml y SSDT-ECUSBX.aml.
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    Bernardo415 reacted to ITzTravelInTime in TINU: The bootable macOS installer creation tool - Mac app   
    Yes, yosemite it's actually the oldest mac os version in which you can use tinu
    I have a development branch, but i think that's a lot asking a user to compile, so i think i will just have a different readme.md in the beta branch with a link to the download of the latest pre-compiled build available
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    Bernardo415 reacted to uzmi in Error al crear USB catalina   
    Vamos a ver, después de viejo me he vuelto débil y vago.
    Dejé de crear usb porque siempre tengo un problema aquí o allá para hacerlo funcionar correctamente y me significan una pérdida de horas de trabajo.
    Sí, ya sé que dirás que está aquello de aprender por uno mismo. Correcto.
    Pero a mi edad el Alzheimer galopante que me persigue, hace que olvide entre creación de usb y usb todo lo aprendido.
    Así que recurro al DIOS Maldon y sus exquisitas imágenes de Olarila que me permiten hacer una instalación LIMPIA y funcional sin agregar nada raro a dicha instalación y después si, empiezo mi cuota parte instalando Clover y buscando los kext específicos, probando una y otra vez hasta afinar correctamente (dsdt, ssdt, config.plist etc)
    Ahí sí que me rompo la cabeza pero con gusto.
    Si aún así despues del consejo que te di deseas ignorarme aquí tienes algo para mirar:
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    Bernardo415 reacted to Ingwar77 in Clover Themes   
    Hi Bernardo415 
    take a look at Mojave or Mojave 4K theme from Badruzeus - there are a lot of icons.
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    Bernardo415 reacted to blackosx in Clover Themes   
    Hi Bernardo415
    You will find Ingwar77's themes at the bottom of his post (see here).
    I didn't add them to the Theme repo as I didn't think they were final themes, instead ideas?
    The icons theme, for example, looks great but is missing many macOS icons.
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    Bernardo415 reacted to Ingwar77 in Clover Themes   
    r4822 looks good

    despite the unexpected loss of the night theme in Clovy 8 PM (GMT+3)

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    Bernardo415 reacted to XLNC in Show Your OS X Desktop!   
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    Bernardo415 reacted to headkaze in Hackintool v3.x.x   
    The Swiss army knife of vanilla Hackintoshing
    Hackintool is not an automated patching tool that does all the work for you. Knowledge is required on how to patch before using it. Please read the Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen guide before you download this tool! I also recommend you read Daliansky's Hackintool tutorial (a proper English translation would be welcome).
    Mojave, Lilu + WhateverGreen
    You cannot use the Clover's KextsToPatch for framebuffer patching in Mojave for Skylake and above
    Framebuffer Dumps
    There are a few ways to dump your framebuffer data (the second two require WhateverGreen + Lilu debug versions) to read in Hackintool:
    1. Use the Framebuffer->macOS 10.13.6 / Framebuffer->macOS 10.14 menu to create patches without a framebuffer dump
    2. Use the -igfxdump boot flag to dump IGPU framebuffer kext to /AppleIntelFramebuffer_X_Y (root of your boot drive) and then File->Open menu
    3. Use the -igfxfbdump boot flag to dump native and patched framebuffer table to ioreg and then File->Import->IOReg Dump menu
    - Supports Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake and Ice Lake generations
    - Create All, Connectors or VRAM patches
    - Detect Changes for auto patch creation
    - Create Clover patches in hex, base64 or Devices/Properties formats
    - Displays native GPU and Model identifiers
    - Display and edit Memory Info such as Stolen, Framebuffer, VRAM, Cursor etc.
    - Roll over some items for additional info (Tooltips)
    - Reads "live" data directly from Framebuffer kexts (if available; see Mojave note below)
    - File->Open framebuffer file generated by WhateverGreen's -igfxdump boot flag
    - File->Export->Clover config.plist / File->Export->Framebuffer.txt file
    - Patch audio layout id
    - Add USB port limit patch
    - Plug and unplug USB2 / USB3 devices and set port connector types then generate a USBPorts.kext
    - Advanced patching options (DVMT pre-alloc 32 MB, VRAM 2048 MB, Disable eGPU, Enable HDMI20 (4K), DP -> HDMI, GfxYTile Fix, Reboot Fix, USB port Limit, Spoof Audio Device Id, FB Port Limit, Spoof Gfx Device Id)
    Release Notes
    Updates are on Github
    2.8.6 - Fix crash in getEDIDData, fix Import KextsToPatch
    2.8.5 - Add "Show Installed Only" option for installed kexts
    2.8.4 - Improved framebuffer enumeration, updated codecs and pci.ids
    2.8.3 - Improved version checking routine, updated Turkish translation
    2.8.2 - Updated Clover download location / OpenCore download support, Chinese translation update
    2.8.1 - Data file updates
    2.8.0 - Fixed OpenCore KextsToPatch format. Removed DSDT Rename auto selection
    2.7.9 - Source is now on Github here
    2.7.8 - Fix pcidevices.dsl compile error
    2.7.7 - pcidevices.dsl export will now compile. Fix for Device Path
    2.7.6 - Custom Device Path generation code (big thanks to @jaymonkey for helping test). Updated Chinese translation
    2.7.5 - PCI DevicePath fix
    2.7.4 - Added EveryMac.com Serial Check
    2.7.3 - Added Serial Number Generator (thanks to vit9696 / MacInfoPkg team)
    2.7.2 - Added EDID injection to IGPU. Added DPCD Max Link Rate patching. Added tooltips for Advanced / LSPCON patch options. Updated pci.ids / AppleALC audio data
    2.7.1 - Bug fixes. Updated pci.ids / AppleALC audio data
    2.7.0 - Launch process output fix (big thanks to @jaymonkey for the help testing this). Prepends "Intel" for IGPU name for Intel Power Gadget (thanks again to @jaymonkey for discovering this). System Info now includes all graphics cards. iMessage Keys are now clearly labeled. Added new OpenCore logo. Updated pci.ids / AppleALC audio data
    2.6.9 - Disable Gatekeeper tool fix
    2.6.8 - Catalina fixes
    2.6.7 - Added "HDMI Infinite Loop Fix". Added LSPCON patching. Fixes
    2.6.6 - Added "Disable Gatekeeper and mount the disk in read/write mode" tool. Change GFX0 to IGPU selection no longer shows for dGPU
    2.6.5 - Improved BT hardware detection (when installed) and will show if FW Loaded (if using BrcmPatchRAM)
    2.6.4 - Fixes
    2.6.3 - Added Atheros BT device detection
    2.6.2 - Added Bluetooth to Info->Misc
    2.6.1 - Fixed USB device speeds
    2.6.0 - USB fixes for macOS Catalina. USB now shows device speeds. Much improved Log viewer. Installing kexts on macOS Catalina will prompt to disable Gatekeeper and mount the disk in read/write mode. Fixed Atheros install for macOS Catalina. Added NativeDisplayBrightness to kext install list. Updated translations for Korean / Chinese
    2.5.9 - ACPI names must be 4 characters (thanks P1LGRIM)
    2.5.8 - Now using pci.ids for Audio Controllers
    2.5.7 - Removed kextcache -u / call for rebuild cache. Added more command output for tools
    2.5.6 - Added column sorting to PCI table
    2.5.5 - Added ASRock DeskMini 310 system config
    2.5.4 - Will now output mounting errors
    2.5.3 - Fixed EveryMac.com Visit link
    2.5.2 - Added Host, OS, Kernel and RAM System Info
    2.5.1 - Add support for 0x3EA50005 0x3EA60005 0x3E980003 frame id for CFL refresh
    2.5.0 - Fixed stdout/stderr output capture for admin privilege shell commands (thanks jaymonkey)
    2.4.9 - Fixes
    2.4.8 - Fixes
    2.4.7 - Fixes
    2.4.6 - "Rebuild KextCache and Repair Permissions" moved to tools section now has progress bar
    2.4.5 - Output added for "Rebuild KextCache and Repair Permissions"
    2.4.4 - Chinese language updates. Compiler improvements
    2.4.3 - Chinese language updates. USB configurator fixes
    2.4.2 - Changed Framebuffer Info to Selected / Current Framebuffer Info for easier comparison
    2.4.1 - Chinese language update
    2.4.0 - Now includes iMessageDebug data (ElNono / mdmwii / flux84 / sugarface / pokenguyen). Export system info data. View model info (everymac.com). Check serial feature. Preliminary OpenCore support (thanks vit9696)
    2.3.9 - ComboBox fix (thanks telepati)
    2.3.8 - Bug fixes (thanks ReddestDream)
    2.3.7 - Improved Clover EFI Mounting. Clover PCI export now uses SubClass for device_type
    2.3.6 - Bug fixes. "Use Intel HDMI" option added (hda-gfx=onboard-x). Added "Non Scaled" resolution type
    2.3.5 - Fixed bug in Device Path generator (gfxutil). Added "Generate Windows UTC Registry Files" tool
    2.3.4 - Updated audio codecs, Export PCI list in Clover and dsl format, Now dumps all ACPI tables and decompiles to dsl
    2.3.3 - Extract DSDT (phpdev32), Auto update PCIIDs (MuntashirAkon), Export PCI list in JSON format
    2.3.2 - Monitor PCI hotplug
    2.3.1 - UI Updates
    2.3.1 - Right-click on a PCI device and select "Copy IOReg Path". Launch IORegistryExplorer and select Go->Go to Path... menu, paste in the path and click the "Go to Path" button.
    2.2.8 - Added warning for HWP state logging (previous state can only be restored after a reboot)
    2.2.7 - Added VDA Decoder status. Added DevicePath for PCI devices. Export PCI Devices list to desktop
    2.2.6 - Improved Boot EFI detection. Set Boot EFI manually. AppleIntelInfo shows 30 second timer to log CStates. Restores HWP state after logging. Added Intel Regs warning. Calculator now shows reverse bytes
    2.2.4 - Added AppleIntelInfo options (Enable HWP, Log: CStates, IGPU, IPG Style, Intel Regs, MSRs). Added AppleIntelInfo 20 second delay for CState capture.
    2.2.2 - Added Info tab (Network Interfaces, Graphic Devices, Audio Devices and Storage Devices). Will highlight power settings green or red to indicate issues
    2.2.1 - Fixes
    2.2.0 - New PCI Devices, Network, Power and Tools tab
    2.1.9 - Added Github kext downloading. The download version may be older than the source version. Also due to Github API rate limits it will store the latest download urls. Added Install kext(s) function. Added Rebuild KextCache and Repair Permissions function
    2.1.8 - Uses kextstat to get the versions
    2.1.7 - Now detects more kexts
    2.1.6 - Can now download the current version numbers of Lilu + Plugins
    2.0.8 - Patch->System Configs menu with various configurations you can try if your Coffee Lake system is being troublesome (CaseySJ)
    2.0.4 - Apply Clover patches (KernelToPatch, KextToPatch, DSDT Renames). View, create and edit NVRAM variables (be careful!). View installed Lilu + Plugins, download and automatically compile the latest versions
    1.9.6 - Disk display enhancements (icons / mount / unmount buttons)
    1.9.2 - Fixes
    1.9.1 - Added SSDT-UIAC.aml / SSDT-USBX.aml export support
    1.9.0 - Fixed launch bug (thanks @Pavo)
    1.8.7 - Added USB Power DSDT Renames
    1.8.6 - Added DSDT Renames
    1.8.5 - Fixes
    1.8.4 - Auto update capability using Sparkle framework
    1.8.3 - Improved Audio Device detection / selection, window can now be resized
    1.8.2 - Added translations; French (Matgen84), German (al6042), Korean (zisqo), Russian / Ukrainian (ctich)
    1.8.1 - Clover downloader (Kozlek / JrCs / slice), NVRAM boot-args edit, improved authorization, UI update
    1.8.0 - Improved USB power export (corpnewt), other fixes, new icon
    1.7.9 - Added USB power export, EFI partition mounting, calculator and log viewer
    1.7.8 - Added resolution injection from one-key-hidpi script (xzhih)
    1.7.7 - Added EDID patching support for AMD & nVidia
    1.7.6 - EDID overrides can now export custom icons
    1.7.5 - Improved USB guide, added print button
    1.7.4 - Fixed defaults
    1.7.3 - Updates
    1.7.2 - Renamed app to Hackintool, added EDID injection support (Andy Vandijck)
    1.7.1 - Dark mode fixes
    1.7.0 - USB & Audio info added, shows possible spoof / kext requirements
    1.6.9 - Updates
    1.6.8 - Added framebuffer-camellia and framebuffer-flags patching support
    1.6.7 - Added Macmini8,1 and MacBookAir8,1 definitions
    1.6.6 - Data file updates
    1.6.5 - Fixed USBInjectAll detection
    1.6.4 - Audio layout id detection improvement
    1.6.3 - Now shows Audio Controller
    1.6.2 - USB fixes
    1.6.1 - Improved Spoof Audio Device Id option
    1.6.0 - Fixes
    1.5.9 - Now shows USB Controllers
    1.5.8 - Will store and restore USB ports between app sessions for use with new USBInjectAll.kext (0.7.0) to include boot flags for excluding groups of ports
    1.5.7 - Now detects EHC and hub ports (thanks to RehabMan & SavageAUS). Multi-select USB Ports. Now detects if USBInjectAll is installed
    1.5.4 - Fixed audio codec detection when user has multiple audio devices. Added "Reboot Fix" advanced patch (sets connector pipe values to 18)
    1.5.3 - Improved Export->Clover config.plist and now makes a backup (config-backup.plist)
    1.5.2 - Added Patch->AzulPatcher4600
    1.5.1 - USBPorts port-count fix
    1.5.0 - Fixes
    1.4.9 - Added tab to show if Lilu, WhateverGreen and AppleALC are installed and version info
    1.4.8 - Fixed framebuffer-cursormem output for iASL DSL Source patching
    1.4.7 - Added support for new WEG -igfxfbdump boot flag using File->Import->IOReg Dump menu
    1.4.6 - Fixes. Added Framebuffer->macOS 10.14 menu item. Added QE/CI and Metal support detection
    1.4.5 - Added support for framebuffer-cursormem (Haswell)
    1.4.4 - Added ability to inject valid device-id's
    1.4.3 - Fixes
    1.4.2 - Added Patch->Import KextsToPatch / Apply Current Patches menu. Renamed USBPower.kext -> USBPorts.kext
    1.4.1 - Added TypeC USB ports
    1.4.0 - Improved Intel Generation detection
    1.3.9 - Now using AppleIntelFramebuffer@X index for connector association
    1.3.8 - Fixed bug AppleIntelFramebuffer port-number should be connecter index + 4 or 0 for internal (RehabMan)
    1.3.7 - Shows Display Info for connected displays on connector ports (with display hot plug support), fixed iASL DSL Source hex output, connector drag-drop to change order
    1.3.6 - Fixes
    1.3.5 - Will try HDAS if HDEF is not found
    1.3.4 - Added AllData connector patch method (RehabMan). Will try GFX0 if IGPU is not found
    1.3.3 - Fixes. Added more audio layout-id's (vandroiy2013)
    1.3.2 - Fixes
    1.3.1 - Fixes. Added new menu Framebuffer->Current Version / macOS 10.13.6
    1.3.0 - Added audio patching, Clover config.plist exporting, USB patching, advanced auto patching
    1.2.8 - Added iASL DSL Source patch output, display detected Intel gen and platform-id
    1.2.7 - File->Export framebuffer text file
    1.2.6 - Fix preallocated memory calculation formula (vit9696)
    1.2.5 - Still outputs a config.plist/Devices/Properties patch when "Auto Detect Changes" is selected
    1.2.4 - Fixes
    1.2.3 - config.plist/Devices/Properties patch now outputs data format
    1.2.2 - Fixes
    1.2.1 - Updates and fixes
    1.2.0 - Added support for Cannon Lake and Ice Lake
    1.1.0 - Added MacBookPro15,1 and MacBookPro15,2 models
    1.0.9 - Support for Mojave, Coffee Lake, WhateverGreen's -igfxdump boot flag and Clover's config.plist/Devices/Properties patch output
    1.0.8 - Updates
    1.0.7 - Fixed support for dark mode
    1.0.6 - Better backwards compatibility
    1.0.5 - Detects Chipset / Address on Startup, Edit Memory Values Easier
    1.0.4 - Added GPU / Model Info
    1.0.3 - Added Tooltips
    1.0.2 - Added Memory tab
    1.0.1 - Minor Fixes
    1.0.0 - Initial Release
    - vit9696 for WhateverGreen (full credits), Lilu (full credits), AppleALC (full credits), USBPorts.kext and additional help
    - vit9696 for IntelFramebuffer.bt with additional work by bcc9, Piker-Alpha and joevt
    - DalianSky for Intel Core Platform ID and SMBIOS Quick Reference
    - vandroiy2013 for audio id data from AppleALC
    - RehabMan for all data patching method, ioreg framebuffer dump and other contributions
    Download Hackintool

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    Bernardo415 reacted to Sa-ROG in [Guide] Asus G750 Sierra 10.12.3   

    [Guide] Asus G750JW Sierra 10.12.3

    INSTALL 10.12.3
    Create an USB Drive Installer of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 with Clover Bootloader In EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Others add FakeSMC.kext to recognize the System Management Controller and ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext to recognize keyboard and touch-pad during installation
    Start installation in SafeMode (-x)
    When you finish, install the last version of Clover to start-up from HDD   NVIDIA GTX 765M
    Use any Clover configurator to change the system definition in config.plist
    In SMBIOS section choose iMac14,2
    In Boot section add the Custom Flag nvda_drv=1 to enable graphics Nvidia with Web Driver
    Graphic card will work natively!  

    AUDIO ALC282
    Use any kext installer to install to S/L/E folder these kexts:
    AppleHDA.kext (to recognize ALC282 audio)
    HDAEnabler13.kext (to assign Layout ID=13) (Otherwise, you can use the new AppleHDA Patcher.app to directly patch AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E)  

    Install ALXEthernet.kext to S/L/E folder using any kext installer  

    CARD READER Install AppleStorageDrivers.kext to S/L/E folder using any kext installer Though it seems not be recognized, don't worry! It will work correctly!

    From Os X Mavericks to macOS Sierra I needed to change the WiFi card
    In my case, I’ve used a Broadcom BCM94352 half-mini card
    For correct working, I needed to install to EFI folder these kexts:
    Using any Clover configurator, add in config.plist these strings: <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>Brcm4360 Sierra fvco init</string> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>Find</key> <data>81F952AA00007529=</data> <key>Name</key> <string>AirPortBrcm4360</string> <key>Replace</key> <data>81F952AA00006690=</data> </dict> Change in S/L/E folder the IO80211Family.kext with the same kext you can found in Os X Yosemite Installer

    Install to EFI folder these kexts:
    BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext BrcmNonPatchRAM.kext BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext BrcmPatchRAM.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext

    Before to use HWMonitor.app
    you need to install to EFI folder these kexts:
    FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext FakeSMC_CPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_GPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_LPCSensors.kext If you'd like your monitoring appears like this:
    you need to go to HWMonitor.app/Contents/Resources/ and change these files:
    multipliers.png and pcicard.png

    To change logo on About This Mac

    Simply you need to modify this file:
    /Applications/Utilities/System Information.app/Contents/Resources/SystemLogo.tiff
    For example:

    Meanwhile I'm working on keyboard's kexts to fix Brightness, Backlight and Fn Key...
    ...you can use this app to adjust Brightness:

    ***COMING SOON***


    Sa-ROG Archive.zip
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    Bernardo415 reacted to Derty in Mac OS Sierra 16A238 instalado con éxito   
    Se hace con pandora.
    Las herramientas de Chris1111 están en hackintosh-montreal
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    Bernardo415 reacted to Maniac10 in Ayuda con guia de instalacion the Capitan en Intel DH67BL   
    No veo rastros del FakeSMC en esos logs, seguro que tienes una copia del kext en /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other o en 10.11?
    Los flags de arranque los puedes añadir manualmente en el menú de Clover desde Opciones->Boot Args:

    O en el config.plist desde Boot/Arguments:

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    Bernardo415 reacted to Maniac10 in Ayuda con guia de instalacion the Capitan en Intel DH67BL   
    Hola Bernardo415, al final has podido arrancar con Clover alguna vez? Si el "Capitan DVD Creator" es esta aplicación entonces significa que si ha arrancado, pero es posible que no haya sido UEFI sino legacy, y la falla de sonido/video al arrancar significa que falta configurar el config.plist, kexts o DSDT. Podrías tomar una foto del error este que mencionas?
    Dicho todo esto te recomiendo que empecemos de cero y vayamos avanzando por partes. Viendo que puedes iniciar OSX desde un DVD, primero intentemos que arranque Clover desde el disco rígido o pendrive y luego vemos el error del instalador.
    Para instalar Clover en tu disco rígido o pendrive GPT en modo UEFI te recomiendo las siguientes opciones ***:

    Y para legacy (siempre en discos GPT) esto ***:

    Estas son opciones genéricas así que puede ser necesario añadir o quitar algún driver para adecuarlo a tu sistema. Los que ves en la carpeta Drivers64 son para legacy y los de Drivers64UEFI para UEFI . 
    Luego instala Clover legacy o UEFI, navega a la carpeta /Volumes/EFI/CLOVER y edita/reemplaza el config.plist, copia tus kexts (FakeSMC es indispensable) y tablas ACPI (DSDT, SSDT, etc) si tienes.
    NOTA: En el caso de discos MBR (sin EFI — no lo recomiendo) deberás desactivar las primeras 2 opciones y la carpeta de Clover se creará en la raíz del disco.
    *** Para usar la partición EFI de tu disco OSX (o cualquier otro disco GPT) ya sea como legacy o UEFI debes previamente formatear la partición como FAT32:
    diskutil list (identifica la EFI para usar a continuación en lugar de rdiskXsY) newfs_msdos -v EFI -F 32 /dev/rdiskXsY
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    Bernardo415 reacted to Allan in Ayuda con guia de instalacion the Capitan en Intel DH67BL   
    Read here about Tonymac tools: VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ! (ABOUT TONYMACX86 AND iATKOS M / Y)
    And here: Why InsanelyMac does not support tonymacx86