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  1. nice job sonotone, I have posted the url to this thread in my guide. cheers
  2. I think I am using the one with speedstep (not in osx to check atm). I would rather have speedstep than sleep imo
  3. sleep seemed to work, or so I thought I used the new installer to install the new usb stuff, and after reboot I can sleep via power button or menu. But.. I cant get out of sleep. Computer turns on, but the screen stays black. Any ideas?
  4. ummmm, the m1330 works with what its SUPPOSED to work for... windows. You should never assume osx86 will run without any problems. After updating to 10.5.2, I do not get ANY crashes at all.
  5. why do you regret not buying a mac. The m1330 has macbook pro specs but smaller and cheaper than a regular macbook. If you based that conclusion just on the fact of OSX compatibility, why did you buy a regular laptop in the first place..
  6. ohh, I was jsut reading the first post: EDIT: February 20 2008 ranova got two-finger scrolling to work on his m1330!, he made a guide look the post #246 Didn't work for me though. hehe
  7. macgirl, in the update you said you couldnt get scrolling to work, what was the problem?
  8. hmm, I installed the new kernel w/ shutdown fix and shutdown\restart still doesnt work. it goes to a black screen and doesnt do anythinghas anyone installed the new kernel with the shutdown fix? what? how did you get sleep to work?! can you zip up your PowerManagement.bundle, AppleACPIPowerSource.kext or anything related to it? thanks!
  9. what was the highest you set the threshold to? the original poster of the settings had his all the way up to 135.
  10. if your monitor has a DVI port, buy a HDMI to DVI connector from www.monoprice.com and use that, much better quality and I know for a fact it works.
  11. ranova

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    can you please link us to where to download chud.pkg, I googled and cannot find it (and its not on my dvd). Also can you please upload an updated script so reboot works? Thanks
  12. that verbose mode looks like it is for your graphics display driver.anyways to change the sensitivity on acceptance of scroll is to change the value of zAcceptThreshold in both horizontal and vertical either under ALPS or Synaptics. Make the value lower to be more sensitive. also try moving the sensitivity slider up or down in the FFScroll app for both vertical and horizontal, read the tutorial again, as I have updated it with how to change settings yea, it is difficult to tap now, but it is a trade off for scrolling function. You can try editing the tap threshold, Property: tapTolerence , I havent tried tweaking with that yet. Its a good thing there are two buttons on your laptops for the trackpad :)How I tap is exactly how I move the mouse on the trackpad, use the very tip of my finger to tap\move mouse, while the bottom of my finger is to scroll. Tap lightly and tap fast. did you change the tracking speed in the mouse\keyboard settings? try turning it down more than halfway. If scrolling is going crazy, you have to edit the zThreshold mentioned above. Try making it higher.
  13. ranova

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    so this isnt something you want starting up with your computer but a script to run right before you shutdown\reboot?
  14. hey macgirl, could you compile it and attach it? Also, could you make a script to auto launch when you boot?
  15. ranova

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    hey thanks for the guide. Could you add a tutorial on how to compile it (or attach the executable) and how to add it to the startup to boot automatically (im guessing you have to add it to /Library/StartupItems)? A lot of people have no idea how