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  1. Hi, I have seen similar noises from coils in Graphic cards too, I have experienced more coil whines in AMD cards than Nvidia. It's because the coils vibrate in high frequency and make some noise. You can locate this by moving scroll down and up while web browsing, if noise changes, then can be the Graphic card. I have an AMD r9 285x that screams like a pig.
  2. Hi Bilbo! Congratulations for your hard and great work doing this Thanks too much!
  3. Hi, Anybody are getting on the Z820 the Sleep and wake from Sleep? Mine are entering on sleep, but don't wake up correctly. No display, a don't spin up HDDs. Only the fans start up.
  4. Hi guys, A little optimization for our Z820 in multithreaded software use could be this: Disable NUMA memory implementation in BIOS. It seems Mac Os X doesn't take aware of NUMA and then it's not optimum if enabled. I get 51000 Geekbench 3 multithread (When NUMA disabled) in oposite to 49000 (when NUMA enabled) This maybe lost a few points on single-thread. Test your own to confirm if your CPUs benefit from this.
  5. Hi bilbo, This is my original DSDT files from Z820 v2 and E5-2667v2. Bios 3.91 (Extracted with F4 on clover) Z820v2 bios 3.91.zip
  6. Hi Bilbo, At the end, Finally I have found what's blocking to load El Capitan. The Nvidia Quadro K4000 doesn't work, no way. With nvdisable=1, nope... and with the web driver neither. I have installed a Nvidia Titan (original) and boot at first try. Then I have patched the ACPUPM and PM are working correctly, from 1,4Ghz to 4.0Ghz depending load. Geekbench 3 64bit 3500 single core and 49000 multicore. As everybody are reporting, USB 3 not working, and don't return the system after Sleep (blackScreen and fans not speeding up). Do you know if the SATA is capable to load de system? I have tried connecting the first hdd to SATA and can't load the system. Maybe the Sleep issue is because Astek driver and will be interesting to try to load from SATA controller. I haven't tried yet the Firewire. Finally, my Z820 is very usefull thanks to your great and detailed guide. I will try to find some tips to get sleep. In some weeks I will try the Z820 with Protools HD and 10Gb ethernet. I'm excited to see the performance compared with the actual mac pro 5.1 room.
  7. Hi Bilbo Maybe the Kernel Panics and reboot it's because ssdt and don't have patched the AICUPMP.kext. The aicpump needs to be patched on the specific procesor and motherboard or if I installed a patched kext is valid? I question this because I have tried to install aicpump kext from your Z820 package and maybe I need to get a basic install before this. I have a El Capitan functional clone from my mac pro 5.1, then install clover and all of your Z820 stuff. But with the DSDT and SSDT from Hugodlc (Xeon E5-2667 V2) because the error CPUID 17 error should be 16 that I get if I patch my own DSDT. If I try to install from usb stick and your basic clover installation stuff, I get the CPUID 17 error should be 16... And it's like a loop situation like if I try to build from scratch I can't following the guide, and If I try to build the complete clover and kext stuff I think I'm missing something like patch kext that need to be done with the El Capitan running in my own Z820.. Maybe I have some basic concept confusion. I will try more things this week, I will be happy if I can get the basic El Capitan installation without PM in order to have something to begin the build of PM That's to maybe get a clover config to boot with usbstick and with the hugodlc DSDT that don't get the Kernel Panic with my CPUs The CPU=1 , as suggest amadeusex seem doesn't solve it.
  8. Hi hugodlc Can you post your S/L/E moddified kexts and EFI Folder in order to compare? I have the same Bios and CPUs as you, but can't boot yet 10.11.6 with your DSDT and SSDT files. Maybe because don't have correct AppleAcpiPlataform.kext or how to boot to patch it. I tried to boot with usb installer and clean bilbo clover options and kext but Kernel Panic because invalid CPU number from injected DSDT from clover. If I put your DSDT and SSDT in clover usb installer I get a freeze in ACPI declarations. Thanks, Z820 V2 2xE5-2667 v2 64 GB RAM Quadro K4000
  9. Hi, The patched Astek Fusion LSI kext only works with El Capitan, If you try with the original not patched Astek fusion kext with Sierra it works, but only one drive is detected. I think, that maybe the Astek Fusion kext need to be patched and compiled under Sierra to work correctly. But I don't know how to do it.
  10. Jordidh

    HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it

    Hi MaLd0n, Can do you explain what method you have used to extract all ssdt in use with OS X? Thanks
  11. Jordidh

    HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it

    Hi MaLd0n, Do you know what can be that after wake, the PM doesn't work as previously to sleep? I mean that after wake, the CPU doesn't drop the below 2Ghz and doesn't jump over 2,6 Ghz. Normaly goes from 1,2Ghz to 3,0 Ghz. The Geekbench output is 20000 in oposite to 23000 previous to sleep. Thanks
  12. Jordidh

    HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it

    Then the correct will be the first DSDT or second?
  13. Jordidh

    HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it

    Hi MaLd0n, I'm sure that DSDT doesn't work because my system disk is connected to LSI SAS controller, and there are some problem with it not waking correctly. I have connected the System HDD externally with a direct cable to SATA port on motherboard, and then wake from sleep works, It eject all USB devices incorrectly, but works after wake. Surely get a working DSDT for LSI SAS will be difficult because nobody have this controller working on Sierra (At least looking in forums and google). In the end, I can only attach one drive to SAS because the Astek2Fusion Kexts aren't patched to allow more devices, but the rest of drives are SAS connected to work with Windows and Linux, and can't share the data with hackintosh after sleep. Maybe I need to forget about working with SAS on hackintosh. I will try too the previous DSDT versions to look if USB drives are not ejected and works with system HDD to SATA port.
  14. Jordidh

    HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it

    Hi MaLd0n, I have tested this last DSDT, but doesn't wake from sleep correctly. If I wake with a mouse click, the HHD spin up, no video signal, then I push the power button and video signal comes to the monitor, but the mouse pointer is freeze. If when sleep I wake directly pushing the power button, then, wake with video signal to monitor and mouse pointer moves, but the system is freeze, doesn't do any action when clic over any icon. I have tried to remote control over RealVnc, but when I try to connect, it's says that the host is down. It seems that the system not wake completely. Sorry,
  15. If it is like a Z840 you can take the approach I follow to get Sierra on Z840, but not working Sleep and thunderbolt. I have posted it in the Z820 Guide. Post # 18. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/314799-guide-z820-el-capitan-the-great-guide-sucess/?p=2355821