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  1. Thanks for the reply. The noise is definately the CPU cooler. I have turned it off for a few seconds and there is no noise. Everything else in the case if low noise (PSU, Case Fans etc). the Zalman was cheap and I regret buying it now.
  2. Can anyone recommend a really quiet CPU cooler for this build? I am using a Zalman flower and it's really loud. This build is for my wife and she complains all the time about the noise. Also I have upgraded an 8800GTS in my Windows desktop to a HD5750. If I put the 8800GTS into this mac will I need to install any kexts to get it working? Would there be much improvement over the Geforce 7600GT currently in there? I suppose it would allow me to switch back to 64bit.
  3. Hi All. I am attempting to load snow leopard on my hackintosh following the lifehacker guide. My components are almost exactly the same except I am using an Geforce 7600GT for my graphics card. Using the V3 installer all goes well and it boots fine. All seems to be working OK. When I update to 6.2 it reboots into the grey screen and keeps telling my I have to reboot. Could it be the graphics card?
  4. I have had my machine up and running for a few weeks now. It's all working fine except for the odd occasion when it goes to sleep and I have to turn it off to get it to respond. This is an odd motherboard though, i can play 720p movies no problem but it struggles to run the itunes visualizer! I am going to use this machine as a wife friendly media box. I have boxee running OK and the apple remote works well with remote buddy and an old ehome receiver. Shame about the visualizer though.
  5. Thanks for that fella, following the install of those my resolution is now sorted and it looks a lot better.
  6. I have had a look around and apparently remote buddy works with the MS eHome receiver. I have one of those from my mce2005 setup and I have an old Apple remote. So I am going to give that a try. Anyone got an idea on the resolution problem?
  7. Hi All, I got my system up and running yesterday. I am running the following: D945GCLF2 2GB Kingston DDR2 533 MHz DIMM HD 1: 2.5" 320GB 7200 WesterDigital SATA HD 2: 3.5" 1TB WD Green Black Noah 3988 Mini-ITX It's a pretty cool little system but it's a bit under powered. I was hoping to build a system to use with Boxee and although this works it's not perfect. Couple of question. Is there anyway to get an apple remote to work with this machine? Or is there a decent alternative? Also I am running this through a 24" LCD and it can't display the optimum resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, I can get pretty much every other resolution than the one I need. Is there anyway to sort this? cheers
  8. Right I got it working by changing the graphics card to a 7600gt as it just would not boot into OSX with the 2600XT installed. It's up an running now and the 7600 is an OK card so I am not that bothered. Everything seems fine so far I just need to do the updates and install some software. Silly question but how do I change the icon of my hard drive? It's currently an orange (firewire?) icon. Stu
  9. Hi ~pcwiz, Thanks for the guide it's very easy to follow. I am having a bit of trouble though. Initially I could not get the kalyway dvd to boot using the internal sata dvdrw drive but I got it working using an external usb dvd drive. Followed the guide and everything seems to go OK. When I restart I get the apple and spinning circle then the screen goes grey and just sits there, it will not boot. Can anyone suggest anything I can do? I have reinstalled a number of times now and I have changed the order of the drives on the sata ports (I only have a DVD drive and a HD at the moment and these are on the two seperate yellow sata ports) but nothing is working. My specs are as follows: Mobo: GA-P35-DS4 CPU: CORE 2 DUO E8400 Video: RADEON HD 2600XT HD: WD5000AAKS DVD: PIONEER DVR-215 RAM: 4GB OCZ
  10. Hello All, I hope you can help me. I am looking to build a hackintosh for my wife and I already have a few parts. I have the following: Gigabyte P35-DS4 Mobo 4GB of OCZ Reaper PC2 6400 Ram 3x 500GB WD5000AAKS Hd's Thats all I have at the moment. I want to build her a machine which will be used with CS3 (Photoshop, Indesign etc). So it doesn't need to be the hottest machine in the world but I would like it to be a simple build. So what parts can I get to keep it simple and easy. Also which build should I go for? I am going to get either a Antec Sonata III 500 or a Antec Performance One P180, I have a 700w Seasonic PSU to go in it. So I think all I need is a CPU and a graphics card.
  11. I am back up and running after 5.2 update. Following the guide I linked earlier it worked fine and booted first time. Just done all updates and reinstalled all my apps.
  12. I am on my 3rd reinstall after the 10.5.2 update. I keep screwing something up. The first time I got the restart grey screen and the 2nd time it would not boot at all. for what it's worth there is a good guide here on updating to 10.5.2: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 It's a little cleared than netkas. Stu
  13. I can't seem to find this board in the UK. I have found a DFI Lanparty UT P35-T2R <- is that similar?
  14. Screwed up my install trying to do the update. I followed the netkas guide but my machine will not boot now.