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  1. Hmm maybe I have unsupported device.. :(well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- can you change script in my dsdt, internal microphone is working BUT: -id 28 = internal speaker work, mic work, headphone not work (no autodetect when I plug it) -id 29 = internal speaker work, mic not work, headphone work like to mix the script (mic) from id 28 to 29 or (headphone) 29 to 28.. is it possible? >_<
  2. yes! clean instal - sierra runs a bit better thankyou mald0n! again *cough* XD is it possible to fix airdrop in sierra?
  3. guessed sleep mode/hibernate on my laptop will never work can you help me to patch my dsdt to disable sleep/hibernate when lid the display? I've tired but it didn't work.. same with 3rd application like amphetamine/caffein/insomniaX, still got sleep
  4. not working, it wake up suddenly after I click sleep, then black screen. I can move cursor but minutes later freeze.
  5. it works now but brightness in reverse, how to fix this? also can you patch sleepmode to work? trying to sleep in sierra but always hang/freeze DSDT.zip
  6. finally.. thank you! (audioid is 28 now) weird XD again can you patch my dsdt to have brightness control in sierra? also is there any way/patch to lid display without having sleep/hibernate? or can you patch sleepmode to work? DSDT.aml.zip
  7. couldnt find how to fix microphone there also now I got error booting and stuck in here
  8. Hi mald0n, good news! sound is working now&nbsp; AudioID is 29!! finally after hours testing every#, Big Thanks but internal mic still not working, it can be fixed?? green : work red : no (no idea with digital out)
  9. okay can you check my clover folder (again), i'm using this atm > http://www.mediafire.com/file/90vtmaoynienet2/CLOVER.zip dsdt inside ACPI/patched also should I add this? i read somewhere
  10. how can I find it? i'm new to this, usually I use instant way like VoodooHDA but internal mic never work.. so i'm curious trying this..
  11. clean install Sierra (again) always stuck in bios after changing CLOVER folder, I will more carefully with this one. finally I can boot using my old config.plist (again) and add your DSDT.aml. after restart it detect in SystemReport but still no sound/mic