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  1. make check for slide=0. is emuvariable.efi in your folder then try osxaptiofree-2000
  2. maclinuxG4

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    is it possible to add for extend nojpeg in CM Z170-UD5- TH ? shikigva=40 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 thanks
  3. maclinuxG4

    Clover General discussion

    website stops to display after release r5093 why ? (on web sourceforge clover)
  4. Premise: the following explanation is only to exploit the little APFS Recovery (less than 600 MB) embedded inside the APFS File System, so avoiding an external USB Installer, you can't reinstall macOS from here but use just the Utilities (Terminal, DiskUtility) in case of emergency, however as known from a Recovery Terminal can do a lot of things, especially troubleshooting an unbootable macOS.


    To those who have installed Mojave on APFS file system with a GUID/GPT Scheme (I suppose it will work even on MBR scheme), I have managed to "fix" the "APFS Recovery Volume" to make it bootable from any computer (capable of HighSierra and Mojave) with USB input devices (trackpad, keyboard, USB mouse and so on) responsive, working wifi and everything else, just follow next steps, totally safe and harmless for any Mojave installation, after booting normally from your Mojave APFS Volume, launch Terminal and type:

    diskutil apfs list
    {locate your "APFS Recovery Volume" on diskXs3 [for an internal "APFS Container" is typically mounted on disk1s3]}

    On APFS scheme the "APFS Recovery Volume" is tipically on the 3rd (hidden) partition.

    diskutil mount diskXs3
    open /Volumes/Recovery

    landing on Finder, double click on the "random-numbers-letters" folder (it's the gpt UUID folder where Recovery stores itself), once inside rename these files:

    prelinkedkernel into prelinkedkernelbackup
     into immutablekernelbackup
     into PlatformSupportbackup

    Don't close this opened Finder window yet, once you renamed those 3 files, now you have to open a new Finder window, then from this new Finder window go into your Mojave path: /System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/

    while inside this path copy the file prelinkedkernel into the previous Finder window exactly where you renamed those 3 files


    lastly rename this fresh copied file from prelinkedkernel to immutablekernel

    Now you have a working APFS Recovery Volume.


    Note for those who use Clover bootloader in the config.plist you have to don't "Hide" the APFS Preboot and Recovery hidden partition, otherwise you can't use the APFS Recovery. 

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    Hackintool v2.8.6

    could you confirm that hackintool is doing this ? prelinkedkernel into prelinkedkernelbackup immutablekernel into immutablekernelbackup PlatformSupport.plist into PlatformSupportbackup thanks a lot
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    Clover General discussion

    hello, i cannot access to read diff to each version to follow from R5092 to r5097, and hackintool propose r5097. So what is the url address to read history of each issue ? thnaks to all
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    Upgrade Mojave to Catalina problematique

    reparcourr ton BIOS , et vérifie . Sinon post ton EFI, sans les sumid et ton mac serial number pour qur l'on t aide parcours ton BIOS , et vérifie . Sinon post ton EFI, sans les suuid et ton mac serial number pour que l'on t aide
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    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    starnage, but with nojpeg, i have no troobleshoot with jpeg. when WEG take on merge, it doesn 't provide all functionnality. so i propose a test to debut to ensure, that the activation is running to a test. Thank to propose an arg on boot and see on a log the activtation or running.
  9. is now HD630 allright ? or no you need the patch using devices ->propriety : -detection of HD630 -bufferframe to set -HMID, and DP fixe