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  1. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    This is my first post! I just got the internal display working last night and I'm hoping I can contribute to the community. Props out to someone on the forum for getting the res change windows to open blind. 1. with external monitor connected, click anywhere in external monitor to ensure finder is selected 2. press shift-alt-a 3. type "sys" 4. press alt-o 5. type "displays" 6. hit enter 7. at this point you should get the window to change resolutions 8. click gather windows 9. set both internal and external monitors to correct resolutions (if 1280x800, set to 1280x768 first - use SwitchResX when all is working to get proper 1280x800x32@60) Now this comes the tricky part and here is my workaround... 10. check show displays in finder menu bar. click on displays icon in finder menu bar and check which row the correct res is at. call it row x. 11. unplug external monitor 12. move mouse to top left corner and left-click once - you should see a blue vertical streak across your screen 13. move it horizontally to the right and the blue streak should move with your mouse. as it moves near the center of the screen, the blue streaks should disappear. continue moving horizontally to the right. when the blue streak next appears again, stop moving the mouse. 14. press the down arrow key (x-1) times. 15. hit enter 16. your internal display should be working.