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  1. I have some questions regarding the USB-boot-132 image. I've tried several ways of copying it to my 8 GB USB keychain drive and when I boot from it, nothing ever happens. Here are my questions: 1) Should I partition it a specific way beforehand? I've tried MBR and GUID. 2) Should I format the drive a specific way beforehand? I've tried OSX Extended and FAT. 3) What is the proper way to copy the files from the USB-boot-132 image to my disk? I've tried using the "Restore" tool in Disk Utility and manually copying the files over. 4) Should I have to do anything else to the disk after the files are copied over? I've tried running fdisk and installing EFI_v8 to my drive through the OSx86Tools application 5)What should I see if it is working? Once my machine finishes the BIOS stuff, I'm assuming I should see the EFI boot screen where it asks me to "Press any key for kernel options" and I can choose what drive to boot. That is where I would choose my DVD drive so I can install from the retail OSX disc, correct?
  2. HDAPatcher temporary links

    Hey iox, I meant patcher version 2.00b. It's referenced on the wiki but I don't see any links to it.
  3. HDAPatcher temporary links

    Does anyone mind posting the v.2.0 patcher? I have a new gigabyte ICH10r board and I can't seem to get the sound to work. I've tried the AppleHDA.kext and using AppleHDAPatcher 1.16 with the ALC889A dump (thats my sound card) and I still have no audio devices. In "About this Mac" under Audio I do see that I have a device ID and an Audio ID, but I just don't see any Available Devices under neath it. Before I installed the AppleHDA.kext it just said I didn't have any devices at all, so at least I'm about halfway there. I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2 upgraded to 10.5.5. Any suggestions?