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  1. Thanks My friend helped me to get boot done and some those functionality to work I have some small problems now : 1 . Distorted sound when I plug-In headset to jack3.5 2 . NTFS Writable 3 . TP-LINK TLWN727N OR TL-WN722N not work in High Sierra Note : My Intel chipset WIFI not work in macOS at all not supported I want to change it with Atheros but for now help me to work with those usb wifi cards
  2. Hello I have some problems in High Sierra on ASUS n552vw-A First of all this is my specification : Model : ASUS n552vw-A CPU : core i7 6700 HQ 2.9 GHZ GPU : Intel HD 530 + NVIDIA Geforce GT960m 4GB DDR5 Monitor : 4K Screen ( 3840 x 2160 ) MEMORY : 12GB DDR5 STORAGE : 120 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD (It's Full of Data) I have installed macOS High Sierra on SSD after a lot of trial and error cause of not booting macOS installation process from USB2 flash bootable HSierra and stuck in error line with verbose mode that said : gIOConsoleUsers : gLockState 3 and bla bla , but then I'm successful with my fine clover and fresh one that at least could install macOS High Sierra with no error but the bad things happen after this moment, after installing macOS HSierra the first boot that OS installed is OK but if you reboot or shutdown and again boot to OS you get that error line said above and done It's stuck. I don't know why this happen by the way my laptop model was OK with Sierra (I don't install sierra my friend did and we have same model laptop) that shows our laptop can have macOS HSierra. Another thing, I have some questions : Is GTX 960m need Nvidia Web Driver or not need this ?? Can we use macOS without Nvidia enabled and using with Intel only or we can't ?? (Or reverse without Intel one and using with Nvidia Only) When macOS booted for a first time the macOS itself is OK except these : Audio Touchpad Battery Wireless Network Keyboard Backlight FN Keys Monitor Brightness and NVIDIA After that I reboot macOS and this time I get same error gIOConsoleUsers : gLockState 3 and bla bla and can't boot again as I know this error is for graphic cards So can anyone help me to make a OK EFI folder clover configuration that can boot macOS and not show any error After that we can talk about functionality things and make them right but now the problem is Intel + NVIDIA problem NOTES : If I want to reach macOS after first boot I must boot into recovery and enter these commands After that macOS can boot again and I can reach desktop but again if i reboot or shutdown the next time is same (recovery - commands - reboot to macOS) cd /Volumes/HDD/System/Library/Extensions/ rm -R GeF*.* touch /Volumes/HDD/System/Library/Extensions/ cd /Volumes/HDD/Library/Extensions/ rm -R GeF*.* NVDA*.* touch /Volumes/HDD/Library/Extensions/ reboot NOTES 2 : I have 1GB EFI/ESP partition in my SSD for future EFI folder that copied there and boot macOS without flash USB BUT for now it is empty NOTES 3 : I'm not a pro like most of guys in this forum, please help me if you can thanks in advance NOTES 4 : If i have money now be sure I bought a MacBook pro but for now I can't pay for that NOTES 5 : Files attachment will be uploaded, my network rate is slow The files will be uploaded are : My Clover folder that I could install macOS High Sierra with it and get no error specially boot loop and glockstate 3 and Some pictures about error in helping process THANKS Because of error 200 for uploading data on forum so i uploaded it in mediafire here is link It's my latest EFI Clover http://www.mediafire.com/file/wp5d438i8p6be88/EFI.zip
  3. In The Name Of Who Developed multiverse & dimensions Hi All Thanks for helping us a lot. Note : sorry for my bad English. I have a question : I have a laptop ASUS n552vw-A 4K monitor Not Touch. with Intel based graphic card and Nvidia GTX 960m. And i don't know other chipset like audio - bluetooth - network - usb - motherboard and ... Can i have an Sierra or (El Capitan) with clover on it or not ? Please help me on this situation Thanks for reading my topic.