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  1. Some specs: Intel® Core ™ i5 7200U ddr4 8gb 2133MHz SDRAM NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, with 2GB GDDR3 VRAM 256GB M.2 SSD Integrated 802.11 AC (WIDI Support) : Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8260 ASUS SonicMaster Technology. 1 x USB 3.0 interfaces 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces 1 x COMBO audio jack 1 x USB 3.1 TYPE C port (s) 1 x HDMI I have windoes 10 on it now, and i kinda want to use Hackintosh again. I had it on my Dell XPS laptop, where i needed to use a USB wireless adapter. Which was pretty annoying at times. Hope i can get a pretty good hackintosh out of this Laptop with most working. Bluetooth, sound, wireless and usb-c and the 3.1 jack stick. All that fancy stuff XD
  2. I have already tried using the Cvad's Clover installer. Never worked for me, the way i did this. Is the way that worked for me
  3. Welcome to this guide by me Shuuin ! XD "WARNING GUIDE BY NOOB" Before using this guide you need to know there is little i can help with!! - Started using hackintosh 2 days ago ( 16-03-2016 ) this is just for those who doesn't have a mac nor know someone with a mac. - I might be able to help with Graphics, i had some problems with Nvidia 780 ti, Black screen after instalment of Web drivers! We'll be starting of with what you'll need to start this! 1. USB with 8GB of storage, mine was 16GB 2. Windows machine, i used Windows 10 3. TransMac. You can download it here click on ( tmsetup.exe ) 4. You'll need El Capitan, you can download the .dmg i'm not allowed to share link! (1) - Download and install TransMac. After installment right click and open "As administrator" Now you should get an interface plug-in your USB then click Tools and refresh. You should now see your USB stick. Right click on your USB stick and click "Format Disk for mac" then click Yes/Okay.. (2) - USB stick is now formatted and your ready for install! Before you do anything else, check and see if your download is done "El Capitan" If it's done, then right click on your USB stick again in TransMac and click on "Restore with Disk Image" you'll now have to find your .dmg file, this file i named "EFI.dmg" Let it finish, then when it's done loading then you're ready for install, on your Hackintosh machine. Before doing this, you have to do some things in your BIOS. To access BIOS/UEFI Setup, press and hold Delete on a USB Keyboard while the system is booting up. Load Optimized Defaults before doing anything else. If your CPU supports VT-d, find the setting and disable it. If your system has CFG-Lock, find the setting and disable it. If your system has Secure Boot Mode, find the setting and disable it. Set OS Type to Other OS, if applicable. Save and exit. Your machine should reboot. My setup: CPU: i5-4690K RAM: 16GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 Ti MotherBoard/Chipset: B85m Gamer / Intel B85 Problems i had! Started out with having problems with my Graphics cards Web drivers. After i installed CUDA and Web Drivers i got black screen, i then booted with nv_disable=1 after that i was on my desktop, still with bad graphics. What i did to fix this was, open clover config and load my config.plist after that i then go to the "boot" option. Then i disabled everything and only enabled the nvda_drv=1 i then moved to Graphics and made sure the Inject NVidia was off and then turned on Inject Intel (remember to save config file). I rebooted and then booted into my Mac OS without the nv_disable=1 and everything was working fine! I hope this guide was any help, if not ask!
  4. I tried that, but yeah the program i used for creating bootable USB just kept freezing.. I gave up and found an .dmg file and found out there was TransMac and it was a lot easier for me.. Plug, format and install
  5. I am enjoying it.. Now i dont have to wait 10min for my photoshop and Illustrator to open XD
  6. Yeah, but before i tried installing Hackintosh i had the problem. I knew no one with an mac so i had to do my search to find the .dmg file another place...
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    http://wiki.osx86project.org/Take a look here. You should be able to see if your parts work here... Your motherboards chipset ( One of those ) - Northbridge: VIA® PT880 Pro/PT880 Ultra - Southbridge: VIA® VT8237S
  8. Okay so from a post on tonymax86 forum. There is a fix for the black screen problem when installing the Webdrivers and updating.... I followed that guide and now my Desktop boots with graphics card but now! I was able to boot into the system without any flags.... But it was still flickering when i clicked "Enter" on login, Graphics was bad, not even 1920x1080 (FHD). The "About Mac" when you click on the apple icon says "Nvidia Chip 5MB" when i have a "GTX 780 TI 3GB" I do not know what to do now, i have only been using Hackintosh for 24 hours, have had so many problems and now it's only the graphics card that wont work normally.... Should i uninstall the Webdrivers, if how ? Check out the post i linked to if more info is needed! I have the newest update for OS X El Capitan. Ask for more information System info: Chipset: Intel B85 / Asus BIOS Using: Clover CPU: i5 4690k GPU: GTX 780 TI RAM: 16GB