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  1. GottaBeTheJuice

    what made you switch to mac?

    im gonna keep it simple. 1--OSX is simple and looks great. 2--its not windows
  2. GottaBeTheJuice

    Wireless Network?

    so with mac os X server and netboot, can he use it as though it was his hard drive? would i still be able to use my computer at the same time as hes using his while hes also using my hard drive?
  3. GottaBeTheJuice

    Wireless Network?

    Oh yah i have leopard so you just described it perfectly :censored2:. so there isnt any way to run programs? If there isnt its cool cause file sharing should be enough. Thanks!
  4. GottaBeTheJuice

    Wireless Network?

    Well here is my ordeal. My brothers Mac Book Pro is completely full pretty much and he needs some space. Were gonna buy an external drive but that is later. Next thing, we are in the same network. I share my internet with him, with my linksys wireless router and he catches it with his wifi card inside his mac book. Internet works fine for him and a great speed so no problems there. Is there any way to share my secondary hard drive on my Mac Pro with him over our wireless network? For example, if we achieved this where he could access my second hard drive what are its limitations if any? Would he be able to run programs installed on MY hard drive over the wireless network? Would he be able to use it as though it was actually in his computer? (like its his hard drive)
  5. GottaBeTheJuice

    M-Audio Ozonic and Leopard

    Well i have this M-Audio OZONIC keyboard and i dont know how to get it to work with my Leopard Apple Computer. What drivers do I download and install or what?