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  1. Hello, I'm posting here because I really need help for launching a project and I don't know where could I try. Me and my software team have found the key to create artificial intelligence. I'm talking about the kind of artificial intelligence that we've only seen in movies before, it can really be the next big breakthrough of the IT industry. We've set up a site to raise the funds needed for the development, it also serves with more information about our project, but we need some help in getting visitors. So please check it out and share it if you would like to see some really intelligent computers soon The link: http://nullpoint.co/startup Sorry for the offtopic, thanks for the help
  2. remed86

    [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Thanks man, it works flawlessly on my ASUS P5B
  3. remed86

    Ati Radeon EAX1600 help

    Hi, I'm trying to get my Ati EAX1600 (Asus) working. I tried almost everything, ATIinject, Natit and others, but it's still on 1024x768 resolution without QE/CI. My device ID is 71c3, the card has 256MB VRAM. Is there anyone with the same card working? I would be very very happy if someone could send me a working driver. Thanks, xmouse
  4. remed86

    nVidia 7600 GS problem

    Hi, I've got an ASUS nVidia 7600 GS, PCIe, dev.ID=0392 I tried almost everything to make it work, but i have no success. With NVinject, Natit and NVkush i get a blue or black screen with one or two mouse pointers. If I boot in safe mode i get full resolution, but QE/CI still not working, and it only works in safe mode. I tried to insert 0x039210de to the kexts but maybe I did something wrong. I tried many versions. What should I do? Thanks for your help. ----- Asus P5B; Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 (Kalyway)
  5. remed86

    darwin wont load up

    I agree with chevy2410, I more prefer KALYWAY than others too. xmouse
  6. remed86

    darwin wont load up

    Hi, Try to make active the leopard partition. Boot up with the install DVD with -s option and type: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1 (where osx installed on the 1st hard disk [the numbers starts with 0]) flag 1 (where osx installed in the 1st partition [numbers starts with 1]) update write (if asks something, answer y) quit reboot I hope this helps xmouse