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  1. 10.8.5 out

    damn, found the problem..... 10.8.5 isn't compatible with my nic anymore BCM57780 14e4:1692 . When I try to load my modified BCM5722D.kext it says "Failed to register interrupt source". Old IONetwork is incompatible also Still have the Apple USB Nic Adapter but this doesn't count as EthernetBuiltin since it has to be PCI Any hints?
  2. 10.8.5 out

    Update worked flawlessly without any kext mess BUT AppStore Apps doesn't work anymore. When I try to authenticate it says "Unknown Error" below the ID box
  3. Today, I reinstalled Mountain Lion on my Dell Studio XPS i7. Everything is working fine, as expected (doing hackintoshs for 5 years now). I installed all updates (10.8.2). As soon as i opened iTunes, Little Snitch interrupted, telling me that iTunes tries to connect to "i.dell.com". After blocking it, iTunes tried to connect to "reviews.dell.com". WTF?? Never seen that behavior before. I'm sure, Apple knows what we're doing but do they collect stats now? Anyone else with this experience? greetz min3z
  4. 8800GT no go

    I finally found a F!"(/§& solution to this! Yeah \o/ Do as follow: 1. Install Chrome (if you haven't already, i used the current beta) 2. open any movie on youtube 3. right click/control click the movie, while it's playing and choose "settings" from the context-menu 4. the flash settings box will appear. unmark "hardware acceleration" and hit the "close" button. 5. Flash stuff should work now in Safari (it sometimes works in Firefox too but it crashes often). Works for me! cheers min3z
  5. 8800GT no go

    I just found out that Chrome is working flawlessly. The problem only occurs when using Safari or Firefox...
  6. 8800GT no go

    I just did a fresh retail install. 8800gt is already recognized at setup. Dualscreen (1 Apple Cinema & 1 Lacie 20" connected to the DVI ports) is working flawlessly. But like I wrote, I cannot view any flash content unless i boot into safe mode
  7. 8800GT no go

    8800GT works natively. Only problem: when QC/QE is active, the Adobe Flash Player keeps crashing, meaning I can't view any flash content....
  8. [Help] Dell Latitude E6400

    I trashed my whole installation trying to install 10.6.8 .... Did you had any luck on this? I've got a TM Backup on my Time Capsule but I think it's time to clean up and reinstall everything from scratch ^^ So many thanks for your files koliberK! greetz min3z
  9. Hi cagivo, sorry for delay, didn't check back here. I'll upload my folder tonight (I'm at work right now). min3z
  10. The trackpad is easy, even in 64bit mode. Let's do step by step: First make sure you just have one ApplePS2Controller.kext. Look in /Extra/Extensions/ and in /System/Library/Extensions/. Make sure it is in /Extra/Extensions/ and delete the other one(s). Also make sure you have (only one too) AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext in /Extra/Extensions/. Please also make sure you don't have any other PS2 drivers like VoodooPS2 or similar Then do as follow: 1. Right click /Extra/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext and click on "Show Package Content" 2. Now you're inside the Kext, navigate to /contents/plugins/. You should find 3 Files (another kexts) 3. Delete ApplePS2Trackpad.kext 4. Close the open Finder windows 5. Run Kextutility (very important) 6. reboot If you still have the crazy trackpad behavior, type the following into terminal: sudo kextload /Extra/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext And post the output. I got everything working too. SD-Card reader, Firewire, E-Sata, WWAN, sound, battery, Lan , WLan, GFX (incl QE/QGL) ... everything in native, vanilla 64bit Kernel. Had no time for sleep/halt/reboot yet but it will follow, i'm pretty sure... I'll do a list of all hardware components of my E6400 (MFD is April 2010) and will upload my Extra folder if you want me to. Greetz min3z
  11. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but this should be easy to answer: 1. There is the UUID. The ID of your USB drive is different to your hard drive 2. When you boot from SATA/IDE other kexts are loaded as if you're trying to boot from USB I had the same problem but in the other direction. I installed to a thumbdrive and then tried to clone it to my harddrive with no luck. But I had good results by restoring from timemachine to the original location. I only had to reinstall EFI/Chameleon after restore and everything was fine. I suggest to give it a try on a different internal HDD (on Dell laptops you can swap harddrives very easily). You can change the UUID by booting into single user mode, mounting the harddrive ("mount -uw /") and edit the plist using VI or nano. greets min3z
  12. @ Sabr My Southbridge seems to be an ICH7-M. Will post the verbose output later got to charge my cam or my phone to take a picture greetz min3z
  13. No you don't, just start the chameleon installer and select your allready installed SL stick as target. min3z
  14. You need Chameleon (or EFI) to boot Snow Leopard on a PC. If you don't install it on the stick, your PC won't find anything to boot, just plain files it doesn't know how to use them. Krishna21 wrote a good step by step tutorial. If you follow it step by step you will have success. Here's how I did it: (0. Make sure you allready have a working Leopard running) 1. First I prepared the stick like I wrote before 2. I loaded the DVD and opened "Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/" and started OSInstall.mpkg 3. Set the stick as installation target 4. After installation was complete (took about an hour) I installed Chameleon to the stick 5. Did all the EFI-String, UUID etc stuff 6. rebooted and tadaa it was working As soon as I got home I will have a look and post back. Basically there are two things. First is DSMOS doesn't 'arrive', second It gives me an error about AppleIntelCPUManagement. Strange thing, I don't have these errors while booting off the thumbdrive.... min3z
  15. It's definitely possible. To do so, just erase the Stick in the HDD Utility and create a guid partition. When it comes to the step choosing the drive you want to install to, choose the stick as target. Dont forget to install Chameleon on the stick too! Exactly there is my problem. My D620 boots SL fine off the USB Sitck (Sandisk 16GB) but the drive cloned to a S-ATA harddisk doesnt boot at all .... All kext files are in it's place, uuid is correct but just before it should go into graphical mode, it hangs forever.... greetz min3z