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    CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    Dear Chun-Nan: I need your help for my PCMCIA. The PCCARD. 10.4.11.beta3 was working for me perfectly driving the D-Link wireless card. One day last week, it suddently stopped working. I could not find the wireless adapter or any PC Card in the system profiler. then I check with dmesg | grep PC and found error message: IOPCCard: shutting down socket 0. IOPCCard info: cs: cb_alloc(bus 2): unable to create cardbus nub for socket 0. I ever since had tried to re-install the MAC OS X 10. 4.9 but could not solve the problem. Does this mean the hardware problem or software problem? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I had 10.5.2 successfully installed, but during the first bootup it keeps looping at "Transfer your Data". Is there an easy solution to get over this? Thanks.
  3. Chun-Nan, I found a simple solution to show the battery meter in 10.4.8. Just installed the OS X with batter power only, don't plug in the AC adapter during installation. After the installation completes, the batter meter is automatically shown on the task bar. but I still have the problem with sleep. Once the computer sleeps, it will never wake up. Have to shut it down and restart. Do you have any solution for this?
  4. Thanks, Chun-Nan. I have gone through this whole thread and tried several ways to get my battery meter to show up. You know what? Today I happend to find a simple way to solve this problem: I simply installed the OS X 10.4.8 only using the batter without plugging in the power adapter. Then when the systerm reboots, the battery meter showed up and indicate the exact amount of power level. Also there are options in the Energy Saver for the batter. I hope this will help other people who may want to give it a try. To me, it seems that the installer can detect the battery during installation when the power adapter is not in use. I do not know what exactly in the program.
  5. Hi, I just installed the 10.5.2 and the computer boots fine. However, I got stuck at the "Transfer Your Data" page. I select that I will not transfer my data at this time. It just won't continue and will loop back to that page. Is this sth wrong with the network setting? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the quick response. How do i open the kext folder? I will try to remove the ApplePowerSource. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am a newbie. How to use this pkg? replace the kext file? I tried it on my Acer 5570z-2297 running 10.4.8 and got a kernel panic. Did I do anything wrong? I did repair the permissions.
  8. I am running 10.4.8 on Acer 5570z-2297, replacing the powermanagement bundle downloaded from this post does not show the battery icon on the taskbar. I'd appreciate if soneone could help. Thanks.
  9. morphin999

    **solved DWL-G520 (AR5002G) doesn't turn on

    I finally made my DWL-G650 cardbus wireless card to work using your kext. Thanks a lot for sharing the kext file. .
  10. morphin999

    Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Two questions. Hope some experts could help me. 1. How to figure out device ID for my wirelss card? 2. I am not able to find the NetworkInterfacte. plist in the /Library/Preference folder. Where can I get a copy of it? Thanks.
  11. Hi, anybody happened to get D-Link DWL-G650 cardbus wirelss adapter to work under OS X 10.4.8? I'd appreciate if someone could give me some advice to get this card to work. I have activated the PCMCIA slot and currently the card is recognized in systemprofiler: as Ethernet controller, Vendor: unknown, Type: Cardbus Vendor ID: 5772 Device ID: 19
  12. morphin999

    Atheros AR5005(G)

    I am not able to find "NetworkInterfaces.plist" file. how could I get this file? Thanks.
  13. morphin999

    [How To]Atheros AR5212 based cards, now w/ Leopard

    How to check the device ID and vendor? Sorry for this naive question.
  14. Could anyone tell me where to download 8.9.1 kernel? IRC website doesnt work for me. Thanks.
  15. I'd ask a question regarding my Acer 5570z-2977 installed with Jas 10.4.8. +PPF1+PPF2. I replaced the IOPCCardFamily. kext and reboot and used dmesg to get the card bus recognized as TI xx12 rev00. and if I plug in the PCMCIA wireless card, it can be recognized as ethernet controller although it doesnot work. However, if I reboot the system, it will hang up during booting and it always asks me to reboot. Can somebody help me with this kernel panic problem? Update: Never mind. I tried Chun-Nan's kext beta3. it worked like a charm. Cardbus slot is recognized and no kernel panic any more.