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  1. just to complete the post you can mount firewire drives by adding a new user deamon with kextload -b com.apple.iokit.IOFireWireSBP2
  2. BoNeS

    WoW on Hackintosh, performance..

    seems to me that wow runs a bit faster on my hackintosh (core2duo, atix1600pro etc.) than on my "pc". all graphic-features are turned on.
  3. they have a mac version too... i've been using it for ages ^^
  4. BoNeS

    Internet Picture slideshow

    i like this one http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/ they also had one called postcardviewer.... or try this one http://www.monoslideshow.com/ EDIT: ok, here's the ultimate version ;o) http://imagevuex.com/
  5. can someone repost the FrontRowPass.kext? tia
  6. BoNeS

    iPhone in Europe

    hmmm utms... i had a few phones with umts but i can't say i really need it. there are so many open wireless networks here in germany... well, lets just see what other versions of the iphone will appear.
  7. hmm i don't know but messing with a host-file gives me the shivers. ok, it's cool to have an idisk-icon and such stuff... but i think it's not worth the risk. i prefer to use the connect to server-thingy or some app to connect to a webdav server. gmx is great for copying data between different 'mediacenter'-accounts. if you can' make up a german address, use the german white pages for it (www.dasoertliche.de). pick a common name like schulze, schultze, meier, maier, müller,... enter a big city in germany and thats it. but please don't subscribe to something else than freemail. borrow the people's names but don't make them be pissed of if you need some more info check the msj-site for more thoughts about gmx.
  8. BoNeS

    plug- in for net radio,wma/mp3 ?

    or try "radio lover" to save the streams into mp3 format. really great software!
  9. BoNeS

    iPhoto problems?

    same problem here... even the i-widget thingy
  10. BoNeS

    iPhoto & x1600

    same problem here. but i noticed that the zoomed picture will be displayed at a certain zoom factor. very strange... i will try iphoto with another pc/vga combination
  11. well, i did a search for 10.4.6 and didn't find anything, so here's my post... grapevine says: 10.4.6 is in the developer-section of the adc downloads - build # 8I1102 (the ppc version is 8I109).
  12. BoNeS

    C-Media USB Headphone Set

    just bought a "speedlink usb soundcard" (13,- € mediamarkt) system profiler says: C-Media Headphone Set, product-id: 0x000c, manufacturer-id: 0x0d8c works like a charm so i finally got some sound on my 'mac' an usb extension cable would be nice - the device is a bit big btw: running on 10.4.3
  13. BoNeS

    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    a nice shortcut-list... http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=75459 btw: try ctrl-option-command-8 (german keyb. layout) very handy at night when you'r wardriving 'round the block
  14. BoNeS

    USB Soundevice...which one?

    the pinnacle usb device (comes with 'clean' from pinnacle) works too.
  15. oh my... keep the powerbook!