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    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Hi ,Koalala! I'm not quite sure that i 've done the patching right?I have GA-P35T-DS3P , so i downloaded bios file from Gigabyte and extracted it on the desktop,the bios utility again from there.Ran your patcher,choosing the original bios file with loacal0 fix,it gave me 0 errors,1 warning & 600 optimizations.Then i ran bios utility and chose the same bios file from desktop,asuming for myself that it had been already patched then restarted and it seems to be o.k.Please inform me whether this is the way to do it. Thank you.S rojdestvom!
  2. I"ve just installed 10.5.4 retail on my GA-P35T-DS3P,any ideas how to make the system boot without clicking on Enter key,just like Kalyway's
  3. dudi4ek

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Hi guys ,I'm from Bulgaria and was happy to see tt there's a dealer here.Well ,the dealer is a private person who would surely do better selling dope.He could not tell me anything precise and kept saying "soon i'll have a dozen and leave me yr number".The price will be 80 Euros,that's the only thing he was sure of.
  4. dudi4ek

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    This is a little compensation for European customers,being almost blackmailed by Apple to pay as much as double price for a Mac.