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  1. 40% Off Agent18 iPod Cases

    Thanks so much - I bought a bunch as xmas gifts. I have looked all over for a good case, I am a big fan of agent18. They make about the best cases out there IMHO. Thanks again!
  2. Christmas Lights

    That was pretty cool - my guess is the person who lives there does lighting for a living at concerts or something. Imagine being the neighbor with your one plastic santa out in the yard - lol
  3. Is Aperture a (horrible) flop?

    Review is a tad harsh - i think it great for what its trying to do. Improve raw workflow. Its not a photoshop killer or anything - great way to bring in a set of shots, sort them, print out contact sheets for customers, etc. For someone that shoots like hundreds of pics a day in a studio I think its a great way to increase productivity. Am concerned about the RAW import quality that is spoken about in the review though - that should be easily patchable and not something to wait for 2.0 for.
  4. Best Mac Games of 2005

    I only play WoW, they make other games? ;-) WoW takes enough time as is!
  5. I just couldnt wait - i bought one now and lovin it. 15" with 2 gigs and the 7200 rpm drive. It does what I need to do - of course they will come out with updated ones next year, but apps i needs are here today in PPC format and not universal binaries. When they go universal I can still run them - so just do it. ;-) I highly doubt youll see a PB in Jan - maybe an Ibook, for me it just wasnt worth waiting when I could be enjoying a portable mac today, not 3-4 months from now.
  6. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    Dual G5 as primary desktop machine although it shares space with some wintel boxes Just upgraded: New G4 Powerbook (15 in, 2 gig, 100 gig 7200 rpm) for myself and a 20" iMac (1 gig, 500 gig hd) for the wife