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  1. In my experience Snow leopard does NOT like IDE cd-roms. I have never had my snow recognise mine in any way. Try and install from a SATA CD-ROM or borrow a USB external if you can. Remember that you should always burn software disks (operating systems, games etc) at low write levels, preferably below 4 speed. This may help.
  2. Same here. I can't get my IDE DVD drive to work. Oh and 10.6.2 works fine for me. Anyone got automatic sleep to work or that crackly noise after manual sleep? Only three things not perfect.
  3. I deleted mine after it was installed and no KP's.
  4. pdjstorm ==== You are a star! I disconnected this and pulled out my battery so a full bios reset occurred and WOW! I now have a FULL snow leopard; I can't wait to see what this thing does with 16gb of RAM in it. Thanks for all the guides and help. I just noticed, the sound is a bit funny after it has been to sleep. I'll try a complete reinstall later on and post progress. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/style_ima...icons/icon1.gif
  5. I'm still having a huge problem with waking up from sleep. Many people on this thread have P5QL Pro boards. How is your sleep? Does it wake up fine? It says (on http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.0) that it works out of the bod (OOB) but not with mine. Does anyone know if it is to do with the BIOS settings? ANY help would be much appreciated!!!!
  6. I followed this guide and everything works well except it won't wake up from sleep. I have a USB mouse and Mac keyboard. What i doing wrong? Is this to do with my BIOS settings? Thanks in advance Oh, it recognises my CPU as a core 2 solo (not Duo) any ideas?
  7. AAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaargh!!!!!!! It's so frustrating! I've cobbled together a way to make it work from all the guides you fantastic people recommended. Now i have only 1 problem. Snow leopard KP's AFTER it loads. about 5 seconds after it finishes loading ... Crash!!! I've loaded it with -s and it hangs after saying "loaded for nanoseconds:29484928943" or whatever number it comes with (It looks to change every time). Please help... . . . . .
  8. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on eeepc 901

    Is it possible that someone could make a boot 132 disk for eee pc 901? I'm suppose i'm asking two things here. 1) Is it possible and 2) Can anyone do it? If you're thinking i'm being lazy, my reply is simply "yes i am!" I appreciate all the work that has gone into these guides i'm following them but getting a tad confused.
  9. Thanks, i'll have a try with that and comment on my findings.
  10. I've had success with vanilla 10.5.8 and want to put 10.6 onto my spare sataII HDD. I've read forums for days and i only get more and more confused. It seems each install guide is different. Here's where i've got up to so far: - Restored 10.6 to a 8GB usb disk (actually a class 6 16gb SDcard through a sd-reader to usb) - Installed Chameleon RC3 to the disk I booted of the restored image but it kp's. In safe mode it hangs. I think the problem is with what Kexts to add. Also, the folder '/extra' is empty. My questions are: 1) What kexts do i need to put in for 10.6 to work? 2) Do i put them in '/extra'? If not where? 3) Will it KP without EFi strings for my graphics card? and 4) Have a look at my rig, I have a little bit of cash set aside for upgrades. Do you think anythiong needs to be upgraded? Thanks in advance people.
  11. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    I've seen images of it running well on a 901. I have a 901 with 32gb ssd. How would i go about starting to do it? Any help??
  12. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    I've bought a PALIT (fanless) 9500 GT 512 DDRII. It has a DVI, VGA and HDMI. PLEASE HELP!! 1) How, oh how do i get my nvcap? I'v searched around for ages and have found no good guide. 2) Can this all be done with osx86tools? Do i need anything else if i'm running 10.5.7? It's all making me feel a bit dizzy,