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  1. file attachment upload error

    Hi again - we checked and the configuration looks fine, are you still having a problem?
  2. file attachment upload error

    Thanks for pointing this out, I will get it resolved soon
  3. Unreliable site

    For the last few of days the site has been a bit unreliable. We have had to do some tuning of the new servers as they were badly optimised and falling over at around 32 thousand connections per web server! I think we've got to the bottom of it now so the site should be a bit more reliable. Sorry for any inconvenience! CM
  4. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    They are X-25 drives We're making some further major improvements to the db soon as well BTW, we fixed a long standing bug tonight which may be related to the IPS errors some people have reported. Please let Ed know if you're still having problems.
  5. Search Fixed

    Google powered search is now fixed. M.
  6. Forum database upgrade

    Just a quickie to let you know the google powered search is now also fixed... We also fixed the broken links from the front "news" page. M.
  7. Forum database upgrade

    Ah yes, the search problems turned out to be two things in the end. First of all we had an unreliable method of connecting to our search engine, which regularly broke down. We managed to fix this in the end in a nice way. Next, Suhail noticed that the search index hadn't been updated for a long time, so we fixed that as well. I'm pretty confident that search should be reliable now. M. It would be really good to get the forum upgraded. We recently(ish) upgraded another large forum from 2->3 and I think it went quite smoothly on the whole. Insanelymac is much more heavily customised though and will almost certainly require more work. It is on my radar though and came up just the other day so I'll raise it again and see just how much work it would be to do. No promises obviously, but I'll look into it. M.
  8. Forum database upgrade

    Thanks for reporting the search problem. I just tried a few searches myself and didn't have any problems. I looked in the logs but nothing stands out... Is the error repeatable for you? Are you using any of the advanced search options or just basic keyword search etc... If you can give me any more information that would be useful. On subject of Tapatalk, unfortunately I look after the server side, and not the site code. Try pming Ed about it, he might be able to help. Thanks! Mark
  9. Forum database upgrade

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for the downtime earlier, we have moved the forum database to a new server in an effort to get rid of the occasional database errors that have been reported. We've been working hard behind the scenes to optimise the database and this is part of that ongoing work. For those interested in the details: The new server has Intel Nehalem quad core CPUs, lots of RAM and SSD-based storage, and the forum database seems very happy in it's new home Average forum page render times have gone from ~240ms a week ago to ~140ms (as a result of db optimisation) and now to ~90ms thanks to the new server. We'll continue to monitor it but don't expect any problems to arise. If you spot anything unusual like database errors then please let us know. Thanks, Mark
  10. New servers...

    oops like attachments broke too, fixed now!
  11. New servers...

    Hi Everyone, Just to let you know, we just switched the site to new servers. I'm not expecting any major issues, please let me know if anything has stopped working... Many thanks, Mark yes I know - search!!!! Use google for now, we'll restore search shortly for what it's worth... M. Update: Search fixed now...
  12. Port Scans from insanelymac.com

    Hi sorry not been around for a while and just noticed this... That's VERY strange, sounds like you got scanned, but I can categorically say that the server should NOT be scanning you... If you see anything like this again, please get a screenshot or more detailed information, logs or anything you've got and I'll be happy to investigate further. All the best, Mark
  13. questions

    I always try to be helpful, although my remit is only server/security related issues... If it's something desperate and you can't raise Ed (who is also pretty responsive usually) then give me a nudge and I'll pass the message on... And, FYI the 'official' email address to use is 'contact@insanelymac.com'. Hope this helps, Mark
  14. Hi We did some reconfiguration of the cluster today and unfortunately this might have something to do with it. I took a quick look and think it might be fixed now. If any attachments are still not working then could you give me a link to the topic/attachment you are having a problem with... Sorry for any inconvenience! Cheers, M.
  15. Why this Forum is so slow ?

    Hiya yes, sorry we've had all sorts of problems with the database today. It turns out a query related to the member list is seriously broken and in need of fixing. We've disabled this query now so apart from the member list being offline for a while the site should be working and fast again now. Sorry for the inconvenience Mark