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  1. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    Gonna give this a shot on my mini 1000 asap, thanks for the jump start!
  2. VoodooHDA

    You must have XCode installed to compile kernel extensions, or anything for that matter. Voodoo team, great great work. Thank you so much for your hard work!
  3. Bumpity. Anyone know if it's possible?
  4. I have a HIS ATI X1600 Pro 516 agp on my Dell FPW2005 LCD screen. I've had this monitor for a few years now and I love it. But any mac I connect to ig I get strange scan lines on the left side of the screen. Windows it works fine! So i just found a fix on hardforum that says if I bump the refresh up like .01 Hz it will go away. This makes since, But I have no idea how to do it with this setup! Can I change something in my EDID in Natit? Anyone have any ideas?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161005Woah, Double Post. Very Sorry, Mods please delete this! My apologies!
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161005 It's $99 - $30 MIB so it's pretty cheap! I really want to upgrade my pc to a core 2 duo and a better video card so I can install Leopard. I currently have an ATI X850 and it is apparently unsupported. Do AGP video cards work in Leopard at all? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone. I just installed the Koolkal 10.4.10 update and my windows NTFS drive is not mounting. The drivers are loading, and the drive and partition show up in the Disk Utility but it simply will not mount. I checked my kext dir for ntfs.kext and it is in there. Can anyone give me an idea what else to look into/ Thanks!
  8. ToH DVD -- what's up?

    I just installed it (RC2) burnt on my hackntosh and I'm running it right now. Could be a hardware issue. I cannot get CI or QE to work tho. :censored2:
  9. Maya 8.5 / 2008

    Same here, Just got my hackentosh up after 5 days of hardware and driver issues. This fix worked! Thanks for your guys help! On a side note, Modo 301 installs and runs good out of the box! Love my hackentosh!
  10. prob with ATI driver

    What ver of OS X are you running? Have you tried Natit?
  11. Ok well 10.4.5 is working consistasnty now, but i only get Quartz at low rez. But I've been searching around and if you look at my picture Callisto is detecting my X850 as a RV515 and I'm pretty sure it is not a 515. Could this be part of the issue?
  12. Hey everyone. I finally decided to pick a new MB what OS X supports, so I went with the Gigabyte 8l865GME-775-RH because everyone said the hardware is supported and it has an AGP port so i can use my current video adapter. So... everything is working great with the exception of said video adapter! I've been working on it for the last two days! I tried Callisto 08, it allows me to set my resolution which is awesome. But I cannot get CI and Quartz enabled. I've tried hex editing my dev id into the ATIRadeon9700 driver binary, ive tried my dev id in the Info.plist. Nothing! I did dig up an old 10.4.5 install DVD, put my dev id into that Info.plist and got it to start up with Quartz one time. But now every time the screen is just junk. I'm currently tring to setup 10.4.8. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've searched all over the forums
  13. I'm trying to think of a way to get around the lack of support for my SATA chipset (SIS 661fx mobo) is their any chance I could install to a 160gb USB 2.0 drive? I searched and couldn't find anything.
  14. Will this allow me to use a SATA drive on my SiS chipset board? I'm trying to get it working. Now when I boot with -V I see this line: AppleVIAATADriver: VIA 8237 SATA (CMD 0x170, CTR 0x374, IRQ 15, BM 0x4008) Which wasn't there before. But I still get the good ol' "Still waiting for root device" Also, how do the find my device id on a linux boot disk? I thought lspci showed the device id but I can't find it. Thanks!
  15. SiS IDE Controller

    I believe you have to move your DVD drive to your primary ide channel in slave mode and it should work. Worked for me, but it's too slow to deal with.