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  1. Chris Mills

    Back into the Hackintosh scene

    Now running 10.11, Am thinking of buing a PCIe card using the same Wifi/Bluetooth card as used in my rMBP.
  2. Chris Mills

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Am I right in thinking that this board uses an AMI UEFI BIOS like gigabyte boards do? If I am, you want a speaker connected directly to the PC SPK motherboard header (pins 1 and 4) Then switch the PC on and listen to the speaker. I'm guessing that you're going to get rapid beeps and then it will switch off and repeat. If so, you have a bad ram stick. Take all bar 1 stick of RAM out and try again. If that doesn't work, swap the stick for a different one.
  3. Chris Mills

    Back into the Hackintosh scene

    Here you go... Thank you. Just what I was looking for
  4. Chris Mills

    Back into the Hackintosh scene

    Update 2... NIC = working Graphics card = working (with NVidia Web Drivers) Sound = working. iMessage, iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime... = Working. Updates planned. WiFi (not required but a nice to have in case of ISP failure as it allows tethering to my MyFi) Bluetooth 4 LE (for Continuity and Handover) Quieter fan for water cooling. That's about it... It certainly is easier than back in the day Pics to follow of build...
  5. Chris Mills

    Back into the Hackintosh scene

    Progress report. After much swearing and having to reflash my BIOS because it would not boot Clover from the USB, success! Many thanks to rampagedev.com for their excellent site which guided me through creating a Clover Installation USB, then installing OS X, installing Clover, then editing the EFI partition, I have a (mostly) working system. NIC = working Graphics card = working (with NVidia Web Drivers) Sound = not working (not done this yet) iMessage, iCloud, etc still to do. Hardware wise, I'm very happy, with the exception of the water cooler. It has just about the noisiest fan I have ever heard. It really howls when the processor is worked hard. I'm looking to mod it with a Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 fan to replace the stock one as I really cannot be doing with that din. Doing that will be interesting as the pump is integrated into the fan cowling and they share a common power feed.
  6. Chris Mills

    Back into the Hackintosh scene

    A long time ago I made a Hackbook from a Toshiba U200, using an iATKOS build of Leopard, and this site helped me get everything working. Then I went and bought a real Mac (a 2009 WhiteBook), and another (a 2009 Core 2 Duo 27" iMac), and then another (a 15" rMBP which is my go to portable.) However I need a new desktop, and I don't want to pay out for a new iMac. What I really needed was a mini tower Mac. Such a beast doesn't exist, and the Mac Pro doesn't even come close any more.... So there's only one thing for it. Spec as follows. Be Quiet 800 Black case 750W Modular PSU (Novatech) Intel i5 4690 GIGABYTE GA-Z97P-D3 EVGA GTX 750 TI SC 2GB ANTEC H20 KUHLER 650 (my first foray into water cooling) 240GB SATA 3 SSD 2TB 7200 rpm HDD 16GB of Kingston HyperX Fury Black RAM This isn't for all out speed, but to give a nice quiet system that will put me in good stead for 3-4 years.
  7. Chris Mills

    1MB = 1000KB in Snow Leopard

    This is done so people don't buy a 250 GB Hard Disk and wonder why it formats down to 237GB.
  8. You may have graphics card compatibility issues as well.
  9. Chris Mills

    G4 Or G4 Is The Question

    I personally would get the Quicksilver. It is the noisier out of the two and the slowest, however it is the most upgradable. Want USB 2.0? Can't have it on an eMac. It's a PCI card on the Power Mac Want 802.11 g or n WiFi, put a compatible PCI card in the Quicksilver. USB only in the eMac. Want to upgrade the CPU. Can do on the Quicksilver, no can do on the eMac. Leopard can be installed by default on the eMac, but only with a hack on a 733 quicksilver. In all fairness though, it may be worth looking at an Early Intel Mac Mini that will be faster.
  10. Chris Mills

    Ridiculously low priced G5 purchased!

    Would agree with this. However an ideal enclosure for a Hack and it gives you "Apple labelled" hardware
  11. Chris Mills

    Multi-touch on Mid-2008 Macbooks?

    No what it actually says is Multi-Touch gestures in older Mac models. All Mac notebooks with Multi-Touch trackpads now support three- and four-finger gestures. Basically the earlier MacBook air and MBP had a limited multitouch trackpad. It is now brought up to date.
  12. Chris Mills

    2 versions of Snow Leopard?

    Wondering what my MacBook 5,2 will be (Early '09). I suspect it will be 32 bit Even tho it is C2D, and most definitely 64 bit EFI.
  13. Chris Mills

    Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    Mac OS X is basic? I disagree strongly with that statement. Underneath is a full implementation of Unix. The GUI may be fundamentally easy to use, however load up terminal and start hacking away
  14. Chris Mills

    2 versions of Snow Leopard?

    PPC??? I thought the PPC code had been removed from the Kernel
  15. Chris Mills

    MacPro with PC graphics card

    Yes, flashing would be the only way to make it work in a Mac Pro. You would have to make sure you got a model that was capable of being flashed with a Mac ROM as Macs have a larger firmware than the equivalent PC card.