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  1. Coheed & Cambira Poll!

    I really loved Second Stage Turbine Blade. I saw them once at UCONN and they were great. When I saw them a few months or maybe a year later in Poughkeepsie, Claudio's voice wasn't too hot. Maybe it had something to do with them touring with Codeseven. Back when I smoked weed, The Coheed guys came to see Codeseven play at F.I.T in New York. I smoked with a couple of the Coheed guys, and my C7 friends, but I'm pretty sure I saw Claudio smoking a newport outside before the show.
  2. Do like a Christian music artist?

    I think Sufjan Stevens and his band is pretty much the only christian music I'm into.
  3. Far, Failure, Texas is the Reason, Undying, Braid, and Mineral (at last I was able to see The Gloria Record with MONO (JP)
  4. Itunes to monitor folders

    I've been looking for the same thing, I'm sick of having all these DUPE mp3's. I'll be on the look out if I see anything I'll let you know.
  5. It seems I used to do so much composing and writing with FLP and Finale, but most of the music programs like Reason are just so different, and it seems to give you trouble if you don't have a keyboard. I'm dealing with a PPC so there's no way of me getting to use FLP on this machine, or is there... Does anybody out there have any advice, info (as is Imageline putting out an FLP for mac), or is there a program that's very similar to FLP that I don't know about (Piano rolls, soundfonts, FX, etc, etc)