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  1. With the script that marvins utility generated =0D I have two leopard installs on my machine and used marvins utility to create the script. Now both installs have the update and I havn't noticed any problems so far.. though I should try quicktime sense that was in the patch.... though its a simple fix if it doesnt wanna work. Just boot intoi single user mode by holding down the f8 key and run the patch marvins utility creates for you. http://www.upitus.com/download.php?file=d076b846 << here is a zip file of the patches marvins utility did. I always put them in the root directory and boot into single user mode, do the mounting and run the patch script. errrm, just realized I could upload it here =0D Anyway, hope that helps. patches.zip
  2. I can confirm that it works fine after patching with Marvins AMD utility. However I did use the first option in marvin's utility and rebooted into single user mode before applying the patches. I didn't even bother deleting the caches Here is the txt from the cpuid file... 2 0f a2 cd fb /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFNetwork.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork 000016a0 00015085 cpuid 00051c5a cpuid 00059f20 cpuid 0005fbd0 cpuid /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices 000014f8 000254b3 cpuid 00033900 cpuid 0003f64d cpuid 00041fbe cpuid 00060c85 cpuid 0006c837 cpuid 0006f4b9 cpuid 0006f743 cpuid /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Dock.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Dock 00000e54 00002857 cpuid /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/QuickTimeComponents 00001d80 009f64f9 cpuid 009f650c cpuid 009f7180 cpuid 009f718d cpuid 009f71c9 cpuid 009f71e4 cpuid 009f71ff cpuid 009f721a cpuid 00d58439 cpuid 00d5844c cpuid /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeH264.component/Contents/Resources/264decodForkedScalar 00001d84 00002241 cpuid 00002254 cpuid /System/Library/SystemProfiler/SPPlatformReporter.spreporter/Contents/MacOS/SPPlatformReporter 00000a70 00003532 cpuid I left everything in the cpuid file save one thing, a vlc library that does not like being patches for some reason =0\
  3. try clearing your preference caches and see if that helps.
  4. Finaly - some damn snow!

    You actually have to prove your not illegal? Just get a credit card from Bank of America (tell them your illegal so you get one) and buy your way into school :-D I'm not sure exactly how much snowfull we got here (Schenectady, NY) but it don't seem like the storm they made it out to be as far as snowfall is concerned. Probably 2ft worth though.. maybe its because I hasn't seen any decent snow-fall for so long.. but right now outside it looks like it should look for this time of year. I think they closed schools here for 1 day .. not sure about today. We havnt had any bad weather so its not like were running out of school days.
  5. what is your opinion on gay people?

    This topic again? BTW: Several states in the US have 'civil unions' and i believe mass has marriage if I'm not mistaken (for homosexuals). Personally I don't care what peoples preferences are - however I also believe in equality under the law. A good question/topic would be: "Why the hell do you even care so much if its not effecting you personally anyway?"
  6. [TRADE/SELL] Zune/Black w/case

    [ SOLD ] = [ Bartered ] or [ Traded ] which ever you prefer LoL
  7. New Avatar

    Looks good - maybe try to put it inside (just play with gradients and blending) or make the apple wrap around the outside. Just suggestions - it looks good.
  8. [TRADE/SELL] Zune/Black w/case

    If only that graphics card was PCI LoL. The Zune is a great player especially if you want to watch video (screen is bigger than an iPods). .. but if you just want an mp3 player I'd recommend iPod nanno or something along thoughs lines... unless you want FM as well.. then there are some with fm and not so-good-video. One of these days there'll be linux on the Zune 2 >=0)
  9. Finaly - some damn snow!

    2 feet? I remember thous days in central ny LOL. I loved it when we would get 3ft >=0) I just remembered where I live - in a historic district.. were power goes out if you fart wrong. *crosses fingers*
  10. Finaly - some damn snow!

    Its going steady here now to. But none of the weather reports seem to be exactly the same. I guess I'll wait and see how much snow we get LOL. 14-30 inches is a big window I think. BTW I'm in the capital region.. Schenectady county is on the border between the two big snow-fall amounts.. so its like flipping a coin here.
  11. Finaly - some damn snow!

    No - they really truly can't be happy LOL! I'm surprised that it ever snowed in Cairo! I could imagine the excitement everyone would be in if it snowed 2-3 inches and lasted a day or two there. Especially when London closed down over a few inches LOL. .. Though I'm not sure what fake snow would look like.. and I'm sure I'd freak out in any kind of sand storm (something like a blizzard I suppose?). I usually hate snow and winter in general.. but when you see pavement (can't see it anymore since its snowing out) and its only in the 20F (I'm guessing the average for the month) its pretty damn depressing without the white stuff. Plus when it snows its like a warm blanket LOL. BTW: Looks like 2 to 3 inches so far.. just started though.. and it looks more "WET" and "ICY" than I would have expected =0\
  12. Finaly - some damn snow!

    lol - I'm happy about the snow. 2ft+ in areas here two. I'm right on the damn borderline of the damned weather map where the lines say 12-24inces and 24+ (up to 3 ft). 6 Ft? Imagine 11FT not stop snow for a period of 7 days and only a half day break - the snow in Oswego county NY continues LoL = they can't be 2 happy right now.
  13. [TRADE/SELL] Zune/Black w/case

    AGP isn't going to do it unfortunately. I probably should have gotten a mb with 2 PCIe slots .. coz I have 2 PCIe graphic cards LOL. PCI Graphics card vga (goofed when I said vesa mode) - Just need to use it to get into good old fashioned dos =0D I may have to break down and go buy one - I just don't see a point in that unless I can just find an old one. In any case - I found the box/so-called-manual for the zune and its also in pretty good condition. usually I toss boxes away LOL.
  14. I'm excited - 15-30 inches of the white stuff maybe more depending on if we get thunder-snow. May get blizzard conditions 2! hehe. I haven't seen a good snowfall in ages! I lived in VT for a bit and not much snow there - or at least ni Burlington.. now I live in the capital region of NY and I'd be lucky to see 3 inches for a year (yet Oswego county gets 11 feet in a week.. wtf). I only remember seeing real snow as a kid in central NY (the blizzard of 93 was the first memorable for me.. since we got a week off from school!). Anyway - I'm excited -- first storm of the year -- about time!