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  1. Hello dudes, I've got a problem reaching the Yosemite installation screen. I'm using clover on my NUC and I can't figure out what to do now ... Here is what I do : I use the classic command lines to install on my USB stick, next clover with custom install (UEFI), I put fakesmc kext in a 10.10 directory, remove a driver in the driversUEFI64 and put another faile to boot clover and nothing ... it boots correctly clover, after choosing to install OSX? I've got a white apple and a loading bar but that's all, it loads a little until half way and that's all ... In verbose mode I've got lots of error ... see pictures ... I changed my config.plist and use my dsdt.aml ... Any ideas ? Thanks
  2. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    thanks dude, but already tried that with no success.
  3. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    everyhing works great on my NUC but I can not boot without my USB stick plugged in ... I tried installing myHack chimera without success it tells me it can't fin a correct partition ... I 've got the boot 0 GPT error ... Any idea ?
  4. AR5B195 kext

    Hello, do you know if there are some AR5B195 kext for dualcard BT/WIFI DELL ? the previous kext working on ML do not work anymore it seems undo Mavericks. Thanks
  5. HI everyone, I managed to install maverick on my Nuc Intel but still no video hardware support ... do you have any idea / kext ? I've got Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 Mo inside ... Thanks
  6. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    finaly managed to get it work but ... no hw video support ... I've got an Intel hd4000 (NUC pc) and no wifi support (Atherox PCI card) any help ?
  7. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    I tried to use my own extra extensions directoy but with no success, it just tells me an error has occured at the end of the installation process. I do not think that all of the extensions directory should be selected (cause some kexts are not compatible with 10.9.0) so how do you do ? Anyway, with the "classic" extensions, it hangs at the reboot question (at the end of the installation process) and if I go on the upper menu to reset, it restarts but hangs after rebooting .... am I the only one concern ?
  8. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    did anyone tried on a NUC intel COREi3 ?
  9. Hi dudes,do you know if it's possible to install and use mountain lion on a NUC Celeron 847 ?it's a Intel Celeron 847 Inside.I could be a nice apple mini what do you think ?Thanks
  10. ok i'll try taking a picture, no onboard graphics ...
  11. HI dudes,maybe someone can help me,I tried many parameters in order to boot ML 8.2 using iatkos ML2 but I've got either KP ou just hang screen ...I've got Asus P8Z77-V motherboard and NVidia GTX660 graphic card ...Maybe someone know the right parameters to use during installation ? THanks
  12. Hello dudes I'm wondering, can I install lion on a Core I3 550 (with a GF 210 grapic card) on LGA 1156 socket motherboard or is it only compatible with socket 1155 mobo ? Is it powerfull enought to run Lion ? Thanks
  13. Lion with atom ion N330 ? POssible ?

    thanks !!!!!
  14. Lion with atom ion N330 ? POssible ?

    thanks dudes for your help @larry100 : Yes if you've got some tips, let me know
  15. Lion with atom ion N330 ? POssible ?

    still no answer ?